Koulen Restaurant, Siem Reap

Koulen Restaurant
Sivatha Street (near National Road), Siem Reap, Cambodia
+855 (0) 92 630 090

DPP_0002 [800x600]On our first night at Siem Reap, our tour guide decided to take us to Koulen Restaurant, which is famous for its buffet dinner and Traditional Dances.  There is a big group of us and I think it costs about USD$12 per person.

DPP_00098 [800x600]On the way to the restaurant, the guide took us on a little walk around the streets- look at the gorgeous lotus flowers which is made into a pyramid!

DPP_00100 [800x600] DPP_00101 [800x600]There were also some fairly interesting street eats like cockles that’s infested with flies (not game enough to try that) and eggs with the fetus in it (I kinda wanted to try that but chickened out… thank goodness I didn’t.  I am pregnant back then and even though I wasn’t aware it just felt a bit wrong… plus I already had the bloody tarantula in Phnom Penh, I think there’s enough adventure eating for one trip (and one pregnancy!)

DPP_00102 [800x600]Anyway, back to Koulen.  You know sometimes when you are in a tour group and there is always at LEAST one person that is ALWAYS late?  And when the tour guide goes don’t be late cos it’s a touristy buffet and there will be 10,000 people fighting over the food so we need to arrive early.  Well, they are late anyway.  So I am totes blaming the peoples who are late for the late arrival of us, which meant inside of leisurely taking food pics I am diving into the buffet like a crazy, hangry woman possessed.

DPP_00104 [800x600]A little hint: don’t bother with the cooked food in the bain marie (above), it was so-so.  You should head straight to the cooking station and queue up.  There are freshly made satays, stir fry noodles, noodle soup, savoury pancakes and freshly grated green papaya salad.  The queue is long but it’s worth it.

DPP_0003 [800x600]DPP_0001 [800x600]As for the dance performance it was pretty cool.  Apparently the dancers will have to bend their fingers backwards every single day to ensure that they are flexible enough for the dances.  Wow!