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photo 1 [800x600]Hello lovelies!  A few weekends ago our family headed off to Sydney to celebrate P.Daddy’s big 7-0.   Being his big 7-0 of course we invited a few rellies for a good ole bash with great food, but not being a Sydney-sider myself I have no idea where to go for a good feed.  Thankfully my good twitter friend Jeroxie suggested Monopole.  Monopole it is then!

photo 2 [800x600]In arranging our birthday bash Monopole has been more than accomodating of us, even allowing us to bring in a cake without cakeage.  They greeted us warmly and set up a nice long table at the corner for us with a long comfy booth.  P.Daddy and P.Mummy is not used to the sexy dark sleek interior and wondered if they were gonna fall asleep *cringe* and even asked the waiter to turn down the music *double cringe* which they kindly accommodated.

photo 3 [800x600]Whilst I was busily organising all the festivities I forgot to let them know I am pregnant!  Since we are a party of 10 we are to have the set menu, but it consists of all these rare meats etc!  Thankfully they happily gave me separate dishes of yummy foods along the way 🙂  They even made me a mocktail with pineapple and mint!  Yum Yum!

photo 4 [800x600]First course was the charcuterie plate, all made in house, including duck breast, Berkshire pork neck and cured Rangers Valley beef.  OMG I had major food envy.  It looked so good.  I kept looking at it with sad puppy eyes until…

photo 5 [800x600]I got this little lovely plate of cooked pastrami and pickles!  Oh my god how did they know pregnant ladies love pickles!?  😉  LOL.  It was mouth-wateringly delicious and fatty- thankfully the pickles cut through the fat and a few people in the party eyed my dish enviously.  HA!  A win for the preggars lady!  I did let P. Mummy try some and she kept saying why couldn’t they get this instead LOL.

photo 1 (2) [800x600]Although I love love love sardines, I can’t eat the next dish either, which is the ceviche of sardines, eggplants, rye crumb and caraway.  This is the dish which divided the party, I don’t think a lot of them eat sardines typically, and sardines are generally associated with the canned variety.  P.Mummy wrinkled her nose and kept going yuck until I told her to at least try one- man did she stop complaining after that one, and even encouraged Dad’s friend to try it.  Whilst this was really yummy the several dishes of sardines we got had some inconsistencies, with some having a bit more eggplant sauce and some looking a bit dry (like the one pictured above).  As for me, I had the same dish, but without the sardines.  It was sensational.

photo 2 (2) [800x600]This pretty dish was next, salted cod mash with peas, pistachio and mint.  This was certainly my favourite dish- although my cousin did call it a fishy mash it was delicious 😛  The mash was creamy with small chunks of cod which flavoured the mash.  Along with the fresh burst of peas and slightly crunchy pistachio, I would highly recommend this dish.

photo 3 (2) [800x600]On to the mains, and the first dish was the snapper.  Sadly after my pregnancy I have turned off fish, but knowing that it was good for me I did try some 😛  I know everyone enjoyed the fish though, it was beautifully cooked with bits of crunchy pinenuts, slight sweetness of pumpkin puree and lovely saltiness from the olive puree.  I actually tried to finish all the purees instead of eating the fish!  LOL

photo 4 (2) [800x600]Although on the website it stated that the next dish is the chicken breast, they served us lamb instead, which was fabulous as P.Daddy love love love lamb 😀  Not so happy were other members of the party, who didn’t really eat lamb but didn’t want to make a huge fuss.  Opppss.  Thankfully the waiter spotted a bit of non-eating and asked about it, then when realising some of the guests don’t eat lamb, he promptly got the kitchen to cook a chicken dish for them.  What a lovely gesture!

Once again I got a special dish which was a super cooked version of the lamb.  Of course it wasn’t as great as the normal version, which hubby discribed as “melt in your mouth” 😥  Personally I found the lamb flavours too strong, but everyone seemed to love it.

photo 5 (2) [800x600]Dessert time!  We of course had the birthday cake that we bought in but in the set menu we also get dessert too, which was the mango icecream with mango chunks, with toasted coconut bits, meringue, passionfruit pulps and mango sorbet.  I don’t know why but for Chinese, when we are pregnant we can’t eat mango =_= so I only had a tiny bite of meringue 😦  Hubby found the dessert wayyyy too sweet but my cousins and Auntie seemed to love it.

Overall we love Monopole- its delicious food and lovely service (in Sydney too ;P) made P.Daddy’s birthday celebrations perfect as perfect can be.  9/10

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