Sala Bai, Siem Reap

DPP_0021 [800x600]On our second day at Siem Reap, we finally got to tour the great Angkor Wat. We were fortunately to get this picture of tranquility, with a little girl playing in the pond. There are a LOT of tourists there, and even though they are not allowed to touch the walls of Angkor Wat as it disintegrates over time. Sadly, without reinforcement, even some of the tourist guides are touching/ climbing the walls, chucking cigarette butts all over the place- it was just disrespectful.

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Sala Bai
155, Phoum Tapoul, Siem Reap
+855 (0)63 963 329

DPP_0023 [800x600]After the Angkor Wat tour, we went to a feel good place called Sala Bai, another NGO that targets disadvantage youths, training them in hospitality.

DPP_0024 [800x600]We had a three course meal there, and the entree was chicken and coconut spring roll.  I still think Romdeng food was slightly better and I suppose a bit more authentic.  The spring rolls here had a really thick wrapping and I couldn’t taste the chicken and coconut at all.  I could only detect mushroom n taro flavours, which Hubby was deeply saddened as he hated taro LOL.

DPP_0025 [800x600]Next course was Eggplant with mince pork.  It was delicious but slightly cold.

DPP_0026 [800x600]To finish off, we had the sago pearls with sweet pumpkin in coconut cream which was beautifully cooling for this hot weather and had a subtly sweet flavour which is fantastic for my mini sweet tooth.

DPP_0038 [800x600] DPP_0029 [800x600]After that we visited the surrounding temples near Angkor Wat then went back  across the river from Angkor Wat to watch the sunset.  It wasn’t a hugely successful sunset as it was a bit hazy, but the atmosphere around the river was so tranquil.  We even monks playing their drums and tambourine and singing.  It was simply charming.

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