Cambodia Traditional Chef

After a long day of temple visits, we get to have dinner on our own.  My super quick research show that there is a place called Cuisine Wat Damnak that is a must must must eat when you come to Siem Reap.  Sadly my research did not include booking the damn place and the owner of the restaurant regrettably turned our disappointed faces away.  Note to self and other travellers: YOU MUST MUST MUST book this place!

Anywaz, so we Tuk Tuk it back to the main streets and after several failed attempts (have you seen a foodie at loss as to what to eat?  It’s depressing) at finding a decent place, we stumbled across this place that does Cambodian BBQ.  Not exactly the high class restaurant I was hoping for but with me busting to pee and at the same time dying for a cocktail, we settled in here.

DPP_0044 [800x600]

Cambodia Traditional Chef
Sok San Road, Steng Thmy Village | Suay Dang Kum Commune, Siem Reap

DPP_0047 [800x600]First thing to order is of course the $2 cocktails! (I get my priorities straight!)  Piña colada was very noice although my overtly careful hubby kept looking at it suspiciously thinking I am going to die from dodgey alcohol.  Meh, I am sure the tarantula I ate from Phnom Penh is gonna kill whatever bad things I eat and drink here.

DPP_0048 [800x600]We were given deep fried banana- which was sweet and weirdly dipped in honey.  I am addicted.  It came with a dipping sauce that tasted like fermented tofu… sounds disgusting but it taste slightly like sour cream x salty cheese.

DPP_0045 [800x600] DPP_0050 [800x600]OK, so food-wise, this is how it works.  This Cambodia BBQ place cost USD$16.50 for a two person serving of BBQ, with apparently 6 types of meat (including frog, eels and the normal stuff like chicken, beef, pork and prawns) plus unlimited veggies.  We ordered one portion (serve 2) and other food to try.

DPP_0055 [800x600]So what’s this Traditional Cambodia BBQ?  Well, on the top you get the grill and the bottom you get the boiling water, so all the yummy meat juices slides down to the water, and you cook your veggies in there.  Genius.

DPP_0049 [800x600]So what’s the verdict?  Well, the meats are all marinated, and they are a bit too sweet for my liking.  I normally love frog’s legs (yes don’t judge) but the frogs in here are too boney.  Now also beware: The pot is a bit light so it got tipped over, twice!  Once I tipped it over my parents’ side but thankfully I caught it just in time.  Second time my dad almost tipped the whole thing over hubby’s crotch… I think he is hinting something…good that hubby’s lightning flash reflexes meant he didn’t actually get hurt.

DPP_0051 [800x600]Anywaz, other stuff we had was mango salad w tofu.  For USD$2.5, it was not bad, perhaps flavours are bit subtle but the veggies were very fresh and crunchy.  We also ordered grilled fish which tasted good although it has so many bones but dad loved it.

Not bad for a place we didn’t actually researched. 🙂