Nest, Siem Reap

Nest Angkor Cafe
Sivutha Blvd., Cambodia
+855 63 966 381

DPP_0134 [800x600]

Nest Angkor is a beautiful cafe that caters for the hip and young crowd.  Dining under the pristine beige sails, you almost forget that you are in dusty, hot Cambodia, other than a small section of the menu that offers Mod Khmer dishes.  We dined here on our last day in Cambodia, after farewelling our Intrepid tour.

DPP_0129 [800x600]We started off with several entrees, the pumpkin cream soup which was super gingery, which P.Mummy liked but me, not so much.

DPP_0130 [800x600]P.Daddy ordered the hot and sour tiger-prawn soup with straw mushrooms.  It was as hot (spicy) as I anticipated, so we were all a bit disappointed, although the prawns were fresh.

DPP_0127 [800x600]I shared the green mango salad with tiger-prawn and Khmer herbs with hubby, and gave all my prawns to hubby.  The green mango salad was refreshing, delicious and well balanced.

DPP_0126 [800x600]Our next sharing dish was the crispy chicken wings with chili mayonnaise.  Chicken wings well seasoned and succulent although the chilli mayo was not very spicy.

DPP_0128 [800x600]We were all wondering what P.Mummy ordered when she decided to have the crisp organic tofu with nori in dashi stock.  However, it was really just agadashi tofu!  Nothing special at all and the portion according to P.Mummy was miniature! 😛  I told her it IS in the small bites section but she kept complaining that for USD$4.5 in Cambodia she could have gotten 5 bigger portions on the streets.

DPP_0132 [800x600]Hubby and I shared the grilled lobster with garlic fried rice.  The lobsters were really gigantic prawns- one of them wasn’t even cooked but they only took back the uncooked bit rather than taking the whole dish away, which you would have expect a restaurant of this calibre would do.

DPP_0133 [800x600]Last but not least we had the dessert of coconut creme brûlée-it tasted coconuty but I can detect bits of raw sugar still on top, which was also a bit disappointing.  The whole thing was also a bit too sweet for my liking.

I seriously think that there are better places to eat than Nest in Siem Seap, and wouldn’t recommend this overpriced and underwhleming place to anyone.