Fukuryu Ramen

Fukuryu Ramen
Level 1 22-26 Corrs Lane, Melbourne
03 9090 7149

photo 1 [800x600]Ahhhh the power of foodporn x Instagram!  I love looking at Instragram for yummy places to try, so when I stumbled across cltyw‘s instagram feed of ramen and chicken wings, I HAD to ask her where the hell she was eating.  Turns out, it was the newly opened Fukuryu Ramen, which coincidentally it’s just a street down from where I work!  What the..?  How could I not know about this place??

photo 5 [800x600]I visited Fukuryu Ramen twice prior to writing this blog, one is with gorgeous Lianne from Food Made with Love , the other is with my colleague from work to celebrate a project milestone.

photo 2 [800x600]I must say, the first impression was good.  They seemed to have a very enthusiastic and friendly team and good business acumen.  Why?  They listen to customer feedback.  Case to the point: at the time of our visit, they did a fun comp called tofu vs fries snackdown, giving customer a free trial of products they are planning to push out to see which ones customers liked better.  As I was waiting for Lianne I was given a fresh, piping hot dish of this to try.  The tofu was crispy and piping hot, with the right amount of seasoning to make me drool.  The first chip I got, sadly, was a bit soggy and limp, so I chose tofu.  Lianne, on the other hand, felt that the fries are a reminiscient of the shaker fries we have in Asia and voted fries as the yummier of the two.  They were also giving out free green tea softserve icecream (till 7th April) for customers to try, although us preggie ladies can’t have soft serve, I looked longing at the icecream 😦

photo 3 [800x600]On my first visit, I ordered their signature Tonkotsu Ramen $9.90.  Oh my… the soup!  It was flavoursome and had amazing depth, without the horrible over-saltiness of Kokoro Ramen.  And just look at that egg… OK, Lianne and I could only sadly look at it, and although we did hear later that some doctors said it’s fine for preggie ladies, this preggi lady will err on the side of caution and not eat it 😦

Other than that, the noodles were okay, I would like it to be bouncier and the pork, although melt-in-your-mouth, was not as flavoursome as I would like it to be.  That said, Fukuryu Ramen do offer a house made chilli paste, and even though it’s not very Japanesey in flavour, it does go really well with the pork.

photo 4 [800x600]Lianne and I also tried the chicken wings $5.90.  As advertised, it was pack full of flavours but sadly it was quite dry and I would consider this quite a disappointing dish.

photo [800x600]The next time I went I tried the shio ramen $9.9.  Once again the soup was the clear winner- it was light but pack full of flavours.  With the shio ramen, instead of getting sheets of nori you have wakame and also two chicken dumplings.  I quite like the flavours of the dumplings actually but I found the dumpling folding method quite sloppy, which meant where the two corners met the wrapping is too thick and chewy.

Overall, I think that Fukuryu Ramen is certainly worth a visit, and I have no doubt with the way they listen to feedback that they will improve (to be fair apparently they only opened two weeks ago…).  And at this side of town, this is certainly one of the best ramen around (although if you don’t mind travelling I would still go to Mugen).  7/10


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