Ladies who lunch: Grossi Cellar Bar

Being in between projects meant that I can take a slightly longer lunch hour, as opposed to shovelling bits of nuts in my mouth in between meetings. So I invited Shoe Queen along to Grossi Cellar Bar and it felt a bit like we are ladies who lunch amoungst the suits. 😀

The Cellar Bar
80 Bourke Street, Melbourne
03 9662 1811

We sat down and was greeted warmly by the waiter: “Sparkling water?” No thanks, tap will be fine.  Our waiter seemed to look a bit put off by this and our tap water never came.  After asking for it about 3 times, it finally came during the middle of our meal.  Hrmmm.

Carb Queens like us went straight to the pasta menu, which offers simple, homemade pasta.  I was torn between the Traglierini al Pesto $18 and the Traglierini con Polpette $20.  Fear not, Shoe Queen came to the rescue, ordering the pesto pasta so I can scab off her so I could order the meatballs.  Muahahahahaha.

photo 1 [800x600]The pasta thankfully came pretty quickly even with a huge lunch crowd, as I was famished.  The meat balls were flavoursome, the pasta were perfectly al dente and the sauce was simple yet so moorish.  I wish there were more sauce so I could mop it up with the bread I got.

I also got a taste of Shoe Queen’s pesto pasta, which was a flavour explosion in itself.  So simple, yet delicious.  Was it worth $18?  Well… it was a fairly small plate after all.

photo 2 [800x600]For dolci we ordered had the lemon tart $10.  This was served huge with a dollop of cream.  I do love the tart- it was tangy and not too sweet, complimented by a buttery rich crust.  We could barely finish the whole thing and we shared this!

Time for the bill and once again it took forever to come.  Eventually I got sick and tired of waiting and went up to the counter to pay for my meal.  You would have thought that they want our money faster!  Even though the food was excellent, points are certainly deducted for their service as I expected much more from a Grossi chain 7.5/10

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