Ti Top Island of Halong Bay, Day 3

DPP_00090 [800x600]On our last day of the Halong Bay cruise, we stopped by Ti Top island to hike up to the lookout.  The view wasn’t as awesome as we thought as it was very hazy.  It really wasn’t worth the 50 million steps we had to climb but for the exercise to work out all the delicious food we ate in the Au Co cruise.

DPP_00092 [800x600]

We then went back onto the ship for our last “brunch” before docking.  As we already had breakfast that morning, we thought that the above sticky rice with chicken and a smiley looking face is all we are getting- man how wrong were we!

DPP_00093 [800x600]We also got this stir fry noodles AND a dessert of mandarin and I think it was mango mousse.  Au Co cruise’s hospitality was seriously top notch and although their food is not mindblowing, it was simple, nutrious and quite delicious.  I would certainly recommend them if anyone wants to go to Halong Bay.