Koto, Hanoi

KOTO on Van Mieu
59 Van Mieu Street, Dong Da District, Hanoi, Vietnam
+84 4 3747 0337

Hello from Hanoi!  We have just completed our Halong Bay cruise in Hanoi and it’s New Year’s Eve.  My friend Ha recommended a place called KOTO for us in Hanoi, which is another NGO restaurant training disadvantaged youths and street youths in the skills of hospitality and culinary arts.  KOTO stands for Know One, Teach One which is a belief where if you are in a position to help someone, help them, and they will help others one day.  A bit like pay it forward 🙂

We started with spring rolls (not pictured), which is really rice paper roll, dipped in fish sauce mixture.  It was super refreshing w mango and prawns.

DPP_00090 [800x600]Next, we shared a coconut salad w fish.  The fish was beautifully cooked and marinated, crunchy coconut, touch of perhaps perilla leaves, carrots and bean sprout.  Yum yum yum

DPP_00094 [800x600]For mains, I ordered the beef in bamboo.  I found that the beef were a bit tough at times but it does have quite a nice flavor. The side salad of pineapple and a crispy wonton cup was a refreshing treat.

DPP_00093 [800x600]Hubby’s duck stir fry was a bit tough also, although once again it has nice flavour.

DPP_00095 [800x600]I don’t think we actually have much luck with the mains to be honest.  P.Mummy’s seafood fettuccine tasted ok but pasta was a bit soft.  Seafood was fresh enough, but it was not outstanding.

DPP_00092 [800x600]P.Daddy’s five spice duck breast is more like duck l’orange, but at least it was nice and tender.

DPP_00097 [800x600] DPP_00098 [800x600]We shared a couple of desserts that nice.  Sadly as I had a bit to drink I couldn’t for the life of me remember how it was cos I didn’t even write it down.  (bad foodie!)

Overall, I feel that Koto was OK.  The feel-good factor obviously compensate for the food, but I wouldn’t call this a must-eat by any means.