Nieuw Amsterdam

Nieuw Amsterdam
106-112 Hardware Street, Melbourne
03 9602 2111

Froggy and her hubby came to visit me in Melbourne a couple of weekends ago and of course eating ensued!  We took them to some new eats from the last time they came along, namely Mugen Ramen, Clayton Bowls Club, Ombra and talk of the town, Nieuw Amsterdam.

Don’t be fooled by the Amsterdam in its name, this is more of an American bistro than a Dutch eatery.  Everything is pretty much share plates in here although if you are a food hog you can have your own plate of mains 🙂  We started with appetisers and worked our way through the menu.

DPP_00091 [800x600]It was a bit sad but I did have my eye on several things which I was unable to eat or it was unavailable.  The first one being this gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous Chicken Waffles $15.  This beautiful waffle is atopped with pate, terrie and chicken skin and I could only look on, doggy-eyed, while my friends gobbled it all up and said it was fantastic.  *cries*

DPP_00094 [800x600]Another thing on my pregnancy-forbidden list was this kingfish ceviche $15.  Froggy did say that she wanted a bit more acidity and punch to this dish, so I didn’t miss out on much.

DPP_00092 [800x600]DPP_00093 [800x600]Now THIS, FINALLY, I can eat! Broccoli and goat’s curd pofiteroles $13.  Oh hello you sexy beast.  Even though I don’t love goat’s curd this was delicious.  All gooey melty on the inside with slightly crunchy hot pastry on the outside.  MMMmmmm

DPP_00097 [800x600]BBQ lamb ribs with a honey glaze was one of our mains $17 and it was super tender, even though they made mine well cooked.  It has just the right layer of fat and meat ratio so it was delicious.

DPP_00096 [800x600]Sadly this is not the case for the Souther Style Pork Belly Chops $21.  The Pork belly was wayyyyyy too fatty for my liking, even though it was certainly tender, I didn’t like this dish as much.

DPP_00095 [800x600]We also had some deeeeeelicious sides, including this fries and mayo with a chilli kick $9.  We loved it so much we ordered 2 of those.  I think I was also having weirdass pregnancy craving cos I ordered this tomato and mozzarella salad $9, two of them to be exact, and guzzled it all up.

Dessert time, and I had my eyes on the peanut butter thing they had on the menu online.  Sadly, apparently they have taken it off the menu cos the kitchen is too hot and the parfait isn’t setting perfectly.  Noooooo!!!  Disappointed, I refused to have any other desserts there if I can’t have my peanut butter thing so we went to pancake parlour instead… (I know, what was I THINKING?).  Overall for Nieuw Amsterdam, a 7.5/10

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