Kakurega Ramen Factory 隠家拉麵工場

隠家拉麵工場 Kakurega Ramen Factory
Room 7083, 7/F, Dragon Centre, 37 Yen Chow Street, Sham Shui Po , Hong Kong
+852 3487 0989

photo 1 (2) [800x600]Venturing into a slightly dodgey part of Hong Kong, Shamshuipo, I heard that there is this crazy dipping ramen place called Kakurega Ramen Factory 隠家拉麵工場housed in a container in the West Kowloon shopping center.

photo 3 (2) [800x600]West Kowloon Shopping Center is a little bit of a teenage hangout/ community shopping centre, rather than places you can find LVs, Prada, Chanel, so hardly any tourist venture over there. The ramen place is hidden in one of the many maze-like corridors in the centre.

photo 2 (2) [800x600]Upon entering you can either sit in the ramen bar or small tables inside the shop, the seats are made up of plastic coke cartons to ensure minimum comfort- it’s a eat and go kinda place!

photo 1 [800x600]The menu consists of three ramen choices: white, black and red. White is their classic styled pork bone soup which has been cooked for 10 hours; black includes some sort of blackened garlic on top of the soup; and red, you guessed it, is a chilli version of the white ramen.

photo 2 [800x600]photo 4 [800x600]I decided to try their classic one that day and it seriously trumped all the ramen places I have had in Australia. The noodles texture, the flavour of the soup, the egg, seaweed, pork are equally amazing. Cravings satisfied.

photo 3 [800x600]After my fantastic lunch, I decided to walk around the center, but sadly discovered I have probably outgrown my teenage hangout. It is definitely a place for cheap accessories and clothes but I have grown to love quality over quantity (ok, I have expensive taste!) so I left without buying anything.

What I love about Hong Kong though is that you CAN get great quality food at cheap prices. I turned a corner and found this huge queue.  Without a second thought I started queuing up before even trying to figure out what it’s selling. Lo and behold- I hit jackpot!

photo 3 [800x600]合益泰小食
G/F, 121 Lam Street, Sham Shui Po, Hong Kong
+852 2720 0239

photo 4 [800x600]This tiny little shop sells takeaway Cheong Fun, steam rice rolls that are extremely silky. I have subsequently tried plenty of cheong funs in other places, but this is seriously the shitz. These cheong funs are slathered in delicious sauces, like soy, chilli, sweet sauce and my favourite- sesame sauce. I don’t really like the sweet sauce so I told the lady to omit it from my order. The sesame sauce was sensational- apparently it’s made with lard. Let’s not think about the calorificness of this and just savour the deliciousness of this dish.

photo 5 [800x600]$6HKD for 4 rolls (this plate), you will be amazed by the value of this.

After these two amazing finds, I told myself that I really need to explore Sham Shui Po a bit more.