Peko Peko

Peko Peko
190 Wells St South Melbourne
03 9686 1109

When we used to live in South Melbourne, Peko Peko was our hangout.  More often than not it is because at that time that was the ONLY option around that area, but it was also quite delicious and affordable.  9 years after we moved, we went back to Peko Peko.

photo 2 (2) [800x600]We were a little bit disappointed, the menu has changed so much!  We used to love their unagi fried rice and Taiwanese fried noodles…thankfully the chicken wings $8.60 are still available!!!  Sadly when it came out, the chicken wings were a bit different from the chicken wings we had ages ago.  There was just too much batter but nonetheless it’s not bad.

photo 1 (2) [800x600]Something new that I thought I would try was this Silky Egg Tofu $8.60.  For some reason due to the description I thought it’s steamed, but it turned out to be deep fried.  And I thought I was having something healthy! 😦  Oh well, no matter!  The tofu was extremely yummy with a dash of sweet soy.

photo 3 (2) [800x600]I really wanted the Taiwanese fried noodles with the black vinegar, but as it was no longer available, I chose the Satay Chicken Vermicelli $11.80.  I must say I am quite happy with this dish- it has plenty of veggies, and it has just the right amount of spiciness in the satay sauce and good “breath” of the wok.  I was happy with my selection.

photo 1 [800x600]Hubby had a similar dish which is stir fry satay beef with veggies.  It was OK, I secretly thought mine was better cos his was a little bit too glouggy.

photo 5 [800x600]My friend had Crispy Honey Beef, which was actually quite addictive hahahaha.

photo 2 [800x600]Dessert-wise, the selection we had was slightly disappointing.  This caramel canele $8 was discribed as creme caramel so it was a bit confusing but it was just canele with a squirt of caramel in the middle.  What we were even more unimpressed by was the melting icecream.  We pointed that out to the waitress and she said “well that’s cos we pour hot caramel over it.” and left it as that.  We definitely weren’t too happy about that.

photo 4 [800x600]Hubby ordered this melted chocolate pudding $8 and he wasn’t very impressed by it.

photo 3 [800x600]I got the yo yo pancake $8, which was described to me as 2 pancakes with custard in the middle.  What it really was is just a Japanese sweet snack called Dorayaki.  If I had known I wouldn’t fork out $8 for dorayaki!  I was expecting a bigger piece of pancakes you see.  I am so disappointed 😦

Overall, Peko Peko wasn’t bad, it just wasn’t what it used to be 😦  6.5/10


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