Jimmy Grants @ Rue & Co

Jimmy Grants @ Rue & Co
In Rue & Co. laneway
80 Collins St Melbourne

It’s Mother’s Day and for some stupid reason we had no food in the fridge and had to force ourselves to venture out to CBD to grab food. I blame my baby brain but I dunno what Hubby’s excuse is when agreed to check out Emporium with me. It was packed with people, especially the new food court on Level 3. We wanted to check out Jimmy Grants there but with the lack of chairs and tables we gave up and fought the crowd just to get out of there. There are people EVERYWHERE in the food places and I was getting extremely hangry. In desperation, I decided to try out luck at Rue & Co, praying a million times that it would be open on a Sunday.

photo 1 [800x600]Surprisingly it WAS actually open and there wasn’t a lot of people there! Well it IS a Sunday and the Paris end becomes the desert town on Sunday.  Rue & Co is a pop up spot on 80 Collins St with 3 food trucks taking residence there for about 6 months until it gets developed into a hotel and a retail precinct.

The three food trucks includes George C’s Jimmy Grants with a shortened menu, Church of Secular Coffee by St Ali and Chris Lucas’ Korean food truck named Kong.

photo 5 [800x600]We both wanted Mr Papadopoulos $9.5 from Jimmy Grants and I also ordered a plate of chips to share $7.  Mr Papadopoulos is a lamb souva, with mustard aioli and chips.  I love the flavours of it but I find it a little too fatty.  I kept either getting a mouthful of fat or I had to pull the fat off.

photo 3 [800x600]The chips was a hit for me- slathered with garlic oil, with feta and oregano crumbled over it.  Hubby was less of a fan, and he loves potatoes too!  He reckons that it was a bit to greasy for him.

photo 2 [800x600]To be completely honest, I don’t mind Jimmy Grants in Rue & Co and for a quick(ish) lunch, it was OK.  However, with Gazi down the road with similar price range and similar food, I would actually rather go to Gazi and sit comfortably, being served by waiters and enjoying my lunch, rather than fighting over seats out in the wintry cold, hunched over a souva on a boxed seat in Jimmy Grant at Rue & Co. 6/10

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