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Teta Mona
100A Lygon St Brunswick East
03 9380 6680

Shoe Queen lovessss Lebanese and hadn’t had Lebanese since she gave birth more than 4 months ago, so we decided to go on a girls night out.  I even brought my SLR camera for the occasion which I haven’t been lugging around since pregnancy 🙂

I don’t actually know how I stumbled across Teta Mona, I think I googled best Lebanese in Melbourne and saw a Broadsheet article about it.

DPP_00099 [800x600]I started off with a refreshing drink of Mulberry and mint frappe $4.

DPP_00097 [800x600]Shoe Queen loves her dips so we ordered the trio $16- smokey baba ghanouj, garlicky hommus and labne.  I love the baba ghanouj and hommus the most, while Shoe Queen was a huge fan of the hommus and labne.  Interestingly the bread they gave us for the dips was crispy, but then we realise the bottom 4 pieces of bread was actually soft.  I have always had soft breads with dips but I actually quite like the crispiness of Teta Mona’s.

DPP_00098 [800x600]We ordered a medium share bowl next, the D.I.Y. Falafel $13.5.  You get this bowl of four falafels and two pita bread with bits and pieces of pickles and you do a wrap it yourself thing.  This, is probably the best falafel I have ever had, although admittedly I am no expert on Lebanese food, I found this falafel had a really distinct flavour.  One thing that really annoyed me was that the pickled olives had pits in them.  I didn’t know and wrapped it into the falafel wrap, this could have resulted in a broken tooth!  Thankfully my teeth won this round but it’s a bitch to try and pick out hard broken pieces of olive pits from my mouthful of falafel wrap!

DPP_00100 [800x600]Hubby’s friend Dave has cooked this Lebanese dish for us before and it was seriously delicious, so when I saw it on Teta Mona’s menu I had to have it!  Kousa mehshi $17.5 is zucchini dish stuffed with rice and beans, cooked in tomato and served with yoghurt on the side.  I really like the nice clean flavours of this dish, although I must say it’s a LOT of rice- stuffed into the zucchini and on the side.

DPP_00101 [800x600]We were so full but what meal is complete without dessert?  Shoe Queen confessed that she doesn’t like Lebanese desserts cos they are so sweet, but I managed to convince her to try one: Baklawa Cocao $6.5, which I THINK it’s a chocolate version of baklava.  OMG this is filled with hazelnuts, cocoa, linseeds and sweetened with agave syrup.  I convinced Shoe Queen it’s totes healthy 😛  Shoe Queen was simply surprised how much she enjoyed it.  Yes it is still a bit sweet for our liking, but the beautiful flaky pastry and chocolate made this dish simply irresistible.

I must admit whilst I quite like Lebanese food, I am not a huge huge fan like Shoe Queen is.  But surprisingly, I felt like going back to Teta Mona the very next day to try more stuff- it was seriously yumgasmic and I couldn’t stop raving about it on the way home.  I would love to try some of their meat dish next time, but I felt very satisfied eating nice, clean(ish) vegetarian flavours today.  9/10

Teta Mona Reloaded!

DPP_00090 (2) [800x600]Oh why hello there!  Since writing this blog post (and before it was published) I visited Teta Mona again.  Other than ordered the DIY falafel again, I got to try all these different things.  As I am with two boys, BasketballFreak and Hubby, this time, this meal was more meat focussed.  Our first dish was the pastry envelopes filled with fetta and haloumi $13.5.  The pastry and cheese combo was simply sensational.  I was so glad that BasketballFreak decided to order this!

DPP_00091 (2) [800x600]Next we had mains- 7 spice chicken with brown wild rice $17.5.  Look, the flavour of the chicken was nice, but it was slightly dry.  I am a bit disappointed cos I did rave on about Teta but sadly our first meat dish wasn’t that great.

DPP_00092 (2) [800x600]Our second mains, meatballs $18.5 was better.  The beef balls are still slightly dry but flavoursome, but the chilli tomato sauce has a slight kick to it which was quite nice.

DPP_00093 (2) [800x600]We were still hungry so decided to order two more medium share plates.  The first one was a cigara with spiced lamb.  As BasketballFreak mentioned, their pastries were super delicious.  I also tasted some super yummy fruitiness on my palatte and thought it was a different kind of fruity yoghurt… but in closer inspection of the menu I realised that the cigara was drizzled with pomegranate molasses, which cuts the heaviness of the dish.

DPP_00094 [800x600] (2)Our last course was the beef and cracked wheat parcels filled with spinach and feta $13.5.  Weirdly we thought it was like a pastry, but it’s more like a slightly paleo version of a beef sandwich, except you have beef as the sandwich.  I actually quite like it, but the boys didn’t rate it that much.

Overall for my second visit, I reckon their vego meals tasted way better than the meat dishes.  Hubby still thinks Tibas is the best.  7.5/10

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