Chinta Ria Soul

Chinta Ria Soul
Emporium food court
287 Lonsdale St, Melbourne

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The new Emporium was so packed every time we went there that I tried to avoid the 3rd level food court.  But for some reason we managed to get here early enough one weekend to bag a seat, and decided to try one of the eateries in the food court.

photo 4 [800x600]I have heard nice things about Chinta Ria Soul so decided to pick their Chicken Laksa.  Sadly I found the chicken laksa only OK.  The soup tasted too coconuty and too sweet, it didn’t really have that nice seafoody spicy kick to it.  The chicken was also too dry and tough – I gave most of it to Hubby as he eats protein whatever form it comes – digustingly dry or not.

photo 3 [800x600]Overall, whilst I am impressed with the decor of Emporium, my initial foray into their food court to try Chinta Ria Soul left me desiring a little bit more quality.  Let’s try a few other places next time and see how I go.  5/10


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