Melbourne Burger Smackdown!

Monkylicious and Cavs came down to Melbourne for a foodie trip and Cavs has one food demand: Try Huxtaburger.  Having tried Huxtaburger before I wanted to try a few places… and burger crawl is born!

Of course, to respect Cavs’ wishes, we went to Huxtaburger first.  I have had the one in the city but never tried the original one in Collingwood so off we went!

106 Smith Street Collingwood
03 9417 6328

It was a cold cold lunch time in Melbourne and I saw a lot of people eating outside Huxtaburger.  WTF?  Is it that busy?  Thankfully, maybe Melbourne hipsters just like the cold as there were plenty of seats inside.  There’s even this hidden Burlesque-like area with weird velvet couches for people to sit!

IMG_0496 [800x600]We ordered Huxtaburger $9 and BLT  special $10, which was really just Huxtaburger with Bacon, plus a side of fries.  We didn’t have to wait too long for our burgers to arrive.

IMG_0495 [800x600]Whilst we didn’t mind the burger we all find it pretty greasy.  Monkylicious love brioche bun so this is right up her alley, but I found the beef patties wayyyyy too salty.  Surprisingly the bacon one is less salty and the flavours more balanced.

The chips were nothing to write home about, although I do like crinkled cut chips.

I wouldn’t say Huxtaburger was mind-blowingly good compared to the other two joints.

Mr Burger
Location Varies Melbourne (But it was in Fed Square when we visited)
03 9329 7304

photo 1 [800x600]We went back home, rested for a bit, and then it’s time for another burger!  We decided to take a walk (oh you know, to walk off our previous burger :P) to Federation Square, where the Mr Burger had a truck.  There are not a lot of people as it’s about 3:30, but it took quite some time for our burgers to be ready.

photo 2 [800x600]Once again we ordered two burgers, Mr Meat $11 and Mr Burger $10 with a side of chips $5.  We were quite hungry again by that time and can’t wait to dig into our burgers.  Sitting out in the cold and being almost attacked by seagulls meant I didn’t really take a pic of our food (bad foodie!), but I must say we all like the Mr Meat better than Mr Burger, although both were better than the Huxtaburgers.  The patties were just more succulent, although it didn’t have the nice chargrilled flavour of Huxtaburger, the overall flavour were simply more balanced and the burgers were less oily.

photo 3 [800x600]The chips were also more delicious, although it was the normal variety it did have, we think, chicken salt on it which made it more flavoursome.

We decided to walk back home to get the car to drive to Rockwell and Sons for dinner, but since we are walking past Degraves St, what better to do than to have a bit of dessert at Waffle On?
Waffle On
Shop 9, Degraves St Melbourne
0401 408 168

photo 4 [800x600]This little hole in the wall was my induction to good food in Melbourne.  When I first moved down here from Brisvegas we were living on Flinders Lane.  One day, hubby’s friend bought these waffles for us cos he’s staying with us.  It was delicious and we begged to know where it’s from.

Turned out, it was just around the corner from us and I had waffles there almost every week!  I haven’t been back for ages but the waffles were just like the good old days- slightly warm, little bit crispy and caramelised on the outside and oh-so-pillowy when you bite into it.  I felt like a child when biting into it and all the sugar falls onto my top.  Heehee.


Rockwell and Sons
288 Smith St Collingwood
03 8415 0700

You would have thought we would be pretty full by then, but by the time we rested at home for a bit, we are totally ready for Rockwell.

We booked a table for 3 and the restaurant were half empty, but we were told our table was not ready and we would have to wait in the bar.  We were a bit mystified as there are plenty of clean tables, but it took them about 15 mins to give us one of those tall tables where we had to perch on tall stools by the door.  I would have thought seeing a pregnant woman would prompt them to give me one of the lower tables at the back, so I won’t fall off their high chairs.  I must say I was slightly disappointed by that.

IMG_0499 [800x600]Anyway, on to the food.  Our waitress who served us was lovely though and was more than accommodating when my pregnancy cravings dictates I must have their biscuits, even though I can’t have their chicken liver parfait.  So here it is, my fluffy yummy biscuit, a little bit dry without the parfait but it satisfied my cravings.  I ate it with the other foods heehee

IMG_0500 [800x600]We had the smoked lamb ribs to start $14 which is crispy on the outside and succulent and tender inside.    There were some soft cartilage which I happily munched away like a happy puppy.  Yum yum.

We also had the duck wings $12 which was quite lean and had a little bit of a kick to it.  It was not quite as delicious as the lamb ribs.

IMG_0502 [800x600]But of course their main attraction was their double patty smash.  Monky and I both agreed that this is THE burger of the day, it has the awesome chargrilled flavour in the patty, the whole cheesy goodness was hard to resist.

IMG_0503 [800x600]Cavs on the other hand reckons the fried chicken sandwich was da shitz, and admittedly was pretty great as well, with succulent chicken, buttermilk dressing and ever-so-slightly hot sauce.

IMG_0505 [800x600]We also ordered some sides to share.  I quite like the fries w malt vinegar aioli $6, I quite like the skin on the potato and the malt vinegar cuts the fattiness of the chips.

The mac and cheese $8 was addictively moreish and surprisingly this cheesy seemed to be easy on my lactose intolerant tummy!  YAY!

We also thought we’d be good and order some salad, although greens with buttermilk dressing is a stretch to be considered healthy 😛  It was crunchy, fresh and delicious though, I secretly wanted to order another serve of this after all the greasy goodness.

IMG_0506 [800x600]

Overall I think I gained a kilo during this weekend, none of which I suspect was the baby :P.  The service in Rockwell and Sons wasn’t that great, but the food certainly smashed Huxtaburger and Mr Burger, with prices to match.  At least we know where to go next time we are craving for a burger!


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