Bar Idda

Bar Idda
132 Lygon St Brunswick East
03 9380 5339


I am beginning to love this end of Lygon St!  There are really so many delicious food joints around here.  I have heard a lot about Bar Idda, and decided to get the girls out here for dinner one Friday night.  Lygon St on Friday night is a bitch to travel to but it’s well worth it when the food is so good.

photo 1 [800x600]Thank goodness there are four of us, so we get to try all there is to offer!  We started off with some delicious arancini $8, stuffed with my favourite- mixed mushrooms!  I love the earthy flavours combined with the sharpness of melted fontina cheese.

photo 2 [800x600]This pic wasn’t that great, but this is the baked layered eggplant $9.  It was quite yummy and not too greasy, although it wasn’t rave-worthy but it was still quite delicious.

photo 3 [800x600]Time for secondi – I was really dying to try the pasta here, and the maccaruni $20 didn’t disappoint.  It was a deceptively simple dish of slow cooked beef and pork ragu with al dente pasta, but it was perfect for me.  I could have this dish all by myself, but in the spirit of sharing, I reluctantly let the girls have some 😉

photo 5 [800x600]We also had the 5 hour pork shoulder $16- I am not a huge pork fan but this was beautifully succulent and melt in your mouth.  I even love the prunes that goes with it, it just seemed to go so well with the whole dish.

photo 2 (2) [800x600]We also had the lamb cutlet special, and mine was especially cooked to well done.  I am not too sure what the others think but I found this dish a bit bland.  It certainly wasn’t my favourite, and I wondered whether it’s because mine is well done.

photo 1 (2) [800x600]We also had a few sides.  I love friends who love brussells sprouts and this dish has a deliciously cheesy goodness to it.  But what was surprising was the next sides.

photo 3 (2) [800x600]To be perfectly honest, we ordered this side because of the promise of crunchy pork rind.  Apparently Les didn’t even know what she chose because she was so focussed on the pork rind bit, but this dish is lentils!  I am not a huge fan of lentils and it makes me fart, but this was so addictively yumgasmic that I had to eat spoonfuls and spoonfuls of it!

photo 4 [800x600]We also ordered a chickpea chips as a primi but they forgot to bring it out until we chased it up, so it came with the mains as a side. I must say I wasn’t too impressed with this, it was too crunchy and smelt too oily.  We certainly didn’t finish it, because we had to leave room for dessert ^^

photo 5 (2) [800x600]We decided to share some desserts.  I had my eye on the bombolone $10, which is obviously the right choice because it was YUMGASMIC.  Oozing with lemon curd and ricotta I was tempted to lick the plate but it had some rum syrup in the bottom, so I reluctantly left the last piece to Les, so she can lick the plate.

The cannolo wasn’t bad either, with its crunchy cinnamon shell  $8 and the cassata layered ricotta cake $12 was delicious too, but it ain’t got nothin’ on my bombolone.

photo 4 (2) [800x600]Overall it was a delicious feast and I couldn’t wait to come back again for more.  Hopefully I get to come back before my 3 month Hong Kong trip!!!  8/10

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