Jinda Thai Restaurant

Jinda Thai Restaurant
1-7 Ferguson St Abbotsford
03 9419 5899

IMG_0685 [800x600]I am envious.  Daisy from Never Too Sweet for me have been tantalising me for weeks now with her food porn from Jinda Thai, often raving about their noodles and their crepe cakes.  Technically, Jinda Thai isn’t too far away from me, but Hubby hated going to Richmond so I never tried to ask him to take me there 😦  I had to content myself with looking at food porn for weeks and weeks and weeks until one fine day (ok, it was actually friggin freezing and rainy day) Monkylicious and Cavs came to visit and rented a car!  I pounced on that opportunity and forced them to take me to Jinda Thai – YES!  So first of all, thank you my gorgeous friends for finally giving me a chance to try Jinda!

IMG_0696 [800x600]We ordered Son in Law Egg.  It’s like a deep fried egg with gravy, chilli and shallots.  I have tried Son-in-law eggs from Gingerboy before and I think I like the GingerBoy version with oozing yolk better, but given that I was up the duff and Jinda Thai probably charges half the price I ain’t complainin’!

IMG_0517 [800x600]Cavs had Catfish salad in Thailand before and apparently it’s hard to find in Australia, so he decided to order this.  It was delicious, the Catfish has a texture of deep fried pork floss and with the crunchy green apples and sour and chilli flavour it makes a great entree.  Cavs though, had it as a main and it was a bit too hot for him heehee… he had to order about 3 glasses of those delicious Thai Milk Tea!  I didn’t find it that hot to be honest.

IMG_0512 [800x600]Monkylicious had the chilli dried pork noodles and it was deeeelicious!  I love the bouncy egg noodles and the slices of green chilli that goes with it.  Sadly the “large” portion is actually quite small so I didn’t get to try much of it 😛  I should just order my own next time LOL.  The photo of mine didn’t turn out that well, but I had the chilli pork noodle soup.  It was fabulous and I added a ton of chilli in it so I was sweating and snotting my way through the dish.  But all I could think about at that time is ohhhhhhh yeahhhhh ohhhhhh yeahhhhhh baby… LOL

IMG_0519 [800x600] IMG_0521 [800x600]After seeing all the yumgasmic post of the crepe cakes Daisy posted on Instagram, I thought it’s a must try.  Thankfully we ordered it with our mains, we wanted to try the Pandan and Thai Milk Tea crepe cake but sadly the Pandan one was sold out already, at 1pm!  SADNESS!  That’s OK though we got the coconut crepe cake instead.

I tried the Thai Milk Tea one first.  Although I find it quite delicious, I was glad I had Cavs and Monky to share this with me as it was very rich and very sweet.  The sweetness was quite intense.  The coconut crepe cake was surprisingly more delicious.  It has a light sweet flavour that made you feel less guilty and had real coconut meat on the top.  It didn’t really photograph that well though 😛

Monky loved Jinda Thai a lot, so when I gently suggested that maybe, just maybe we could perhaps come again when Froggy arrive the next week, she really didn’t need much convincing haha.  So here we are again, and this time, HUBBY actually decided that he would accompany the three ladies to lunch!  Wow- it’s a miracle!

IMG_0687 [800x600]We decided to order a different kind of salad this time and I think this is the seafood salad with glass noodles.  I thought this one is actually hotter than the catfish salad and no sooner I said that I saw Hubby sweating like a pig.  It was delicious though.

IMG_0690 [800x600]Froggy loves a springroll and so does Hubby, so whilst I rolled my eyes they ordered spring rolls.  It was fine but nothing special.

IMG_0692 [800x600]Our chicken wings had a deliciously peppery dipping sauce but I found this quite dry and only had one piece.

IMG_0697 [800x600]We also ordered this grilled pork skewer with sticky rice which was deliciously tender, but I thought slightly too sweet for my liking.

IMG_0691 [800x600]Monky ordered her “usual” dried pork noodles (she actually ordered the same thing takeaway the same day as a pre-flight dinner too!  I think she might be slightly obsessed…), whereas I ordered the Thai boat noodles with glass noodles.  If I thought the chilli pork noodles were good, I thought this was AMAZINGGGGGGGGGGGG.  I know the soup looks a bit grainy and I am totally suspecting there are grounded offals involved but the soup was so yumgasmic that I don’t care.  The beef slices were oh-so-tender and the glass noodles simply absorbs all the flavours.  Oh dear god I wanna go back there, right now.

Hubby had the pork soft bone fried rice… I think sadly I got one of the only soft bones in that dish and thought it was great.  Hubby didn’t think much of his dish cos all his soft bones are not that soft :/  The fried rice did have wok hey though but I doubt if he would drive me back here :/  might have to con some other friends to come with me 😛

IMG_0694 [800x600]Froggy had this rolled noodle soup with pork and offals and stuff which apparently it’s one of her fav childhood dish.   I must say I was too busy savouring my dish to ask her how it was… I did remember her commenting that there weren’t too much offals but I could certainly see some congealed blood cubes in there 😛

Overall, I love Jinda Thai and can’t wait to be back – their service was quick and super friendly as well.  The only downside is that the portion sizes are a bit smaller, but hey that just means we can try more food and we reasoned that is why Thai people are so skinny.  Must learn from them and not eat too much 😛  8.5/10

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