Taxi Kitchen

Taxi Kitchen
Transport Hotel, Federation Sq Flinders St Melbourne
03 9654 8808

I have heard so much about the newly revamped of Taxi into a more casual (read: cheaper) dining concept and couldn’t wait to bring P.Mummy to try it with Monkylicious. It was a Thursday night but the dining room is bustling with customers already.  We were given very comfy seats as requested which was fantastic but sadly, the good service ends pretty much there.  I am not sure why our waiter didn’t bother to offer hanging up our coats for us, so our coats pooled all over the couches.  After we ordered, every table next to us got bread, except us.  :/  What the heck?

IMG_0522 [800x600]Anyway, my dining companions ordered scorched oyster, salt & vinegar pork crackle $3.5.  Everyone commented that it was quite nice and I had food envy 😦

IMG_0523 [800x600]Our next shared plates include seared scallop with red radish, smoked chilli mayo & kataifi.  This is beautifully cooked, I loved the smoked chilli mayo that comes with it.  It was delicious.

IMG_0524 [800x600]Steamed buns with hickory smoked salmon & macadamia $11.5 for 2 pcs.  P.Mummy and I had this one while Hubby and Monky looked on 🙂  Another delicious treat from Taxi Kitchen.

IMG_0525 [800x600]Sadly, the really delicious food ends here.  Our next couple of share plates was mediocre to say the least.  Spicy salt & pepper quail $23 though tender, was extremely salty.  It definitely does not need another dose of soy in a form of dipping sauce.

IMG_0526 [800x600]Beef croquettes with shallots & hot mustard dressing $9.5 for 2.   I would consider this as crumbed deep fried beef, but certainly won’t consider this as a “croquette”.  We expected a crunchy outer layer with creamy potatoey insides with beef – not a deep fried clump of meat!

IMG_0530 [800x600]Crystal bay prawns, chilli, garlic, parsley & angelhair pasta $31 was one of our large share plates.  It was OK but for $31 is it really worth it?  I would say nope.

IMG_0529 [800x600]Herb roasted chicken with wild mushrooms & toasted brioche stuffing $35.  Monkylicious had most of this dish and thought that it was very good.  I tried a little bit and thought the chicken was quite tender and delicious too.

IMG_0528 [800x600]Blackmore’s chargrilled wagyu flat steak with parsley, garlic & lemon $34.5 was a disappointment though.  I don’t know how this could possibly be a wagyu, it was so tough and chewy.  It has no discernable flavours either.  I had one bite and passed this on to hubby, who would eat anything, although he didn’t like it either.  I would definitely send this dish back if it was just myself and Hubby eating.

IMG_0532 [800x600]We would have skipped dessert but I know P.Mummy love desserts and P.Mummy especially love souffle so she won’t be able to let it go if we left then and there.  We waited a loooonnnggg time to get the attention of our waiter again, but what can we do?  P.Mummy wants what P.Mummy wants.  You know what though?  When Taxi said it’s famous souffle it is certainly famously delicious.  We didn’t regret staying for this dessert at all.  The Espresso souffle $15 was intensely flavoursome and the chocolate sauce underneath it was yummy.

IMG_0533 [800x600]Hubby and Monky both ordered the Macadamia & honeycomb parfait with hazelnut ice-cream $14 and they loved it.  I was too full to try theirs so I would take their word for it ^^

Overall would I come back again?  Probably not.  The service nor food does not justify the prices we paid.  I did really like the Espresso souffle, so maybe I would just come back for dessert only?  6/10

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