Good Place, TST

Good Place
Shop 310-311, K11 Art Mall, 18 Hanoi Rd, Tsim Sha Tsui
+852 3118 8066


A huge hello from Hong Kong! I am back here for a couple of months and with no job to go to, I have become a lady of leisure ^^ ! What to do in Hong Kong when all of your friends are busy working or taking care of children? Join a course of course! There are a huge number of courses in Hong Kong, their prices are quite reasonable compared to Australia.

20140807-153523-56123658.jpgI have recently joined ABC Cooking Studio’s bread and cake courses and was so happy that I managed to make this awesome chiffon cake that rises! I have tried making chiffon cakes before but they never rise, even when I used 10 eggs! This time we used about 4 eggs and the result was sensational!


Anyway, after the class I was deathly hungry, so the most logical step is to what Hongkie called “find eat”. It’s pretty hot outside and I refused to venture out of K11, so I decided to see what’s on offer.

20140807-153152-55912274.jpgI stumbled upon Good Place, which touted itself as a Japanese home cooking restaurant. This place was quiet, but then again Hongkies don’t really have lunch till about 1pm I gathered, so I managed to score a comfy corner booth and ordered a set lunch which included a hot drink.

20140807-153152-55912470.jpgThe lemon tea came in a cute wooden tray and I decided not to add any sugar, just to be ever so slightly healthier. Tea and coffee in Hong Kong are never that awesome so I don’t expect much. :p

Whilst I was waiting for my food, the friendly waitress came back to ask me whether I wanted plain white rice or red cargo rice. Wow! I haven’t had red cargo rice since coming back to Hong Kong and I really missed it, especially when I always mix brown, red cargo and wild rice when cooking. So of course I had to order the red cargo rice (plus there is no extra charge! :p)


I waited about 20 mins (they do warn you it will take that long – this is virtually slow food movement in busy Hong Kong!) and then Hello simple looking but yummy food! Admittedly chicken wings are not the most healthy dish ever, especially this one which is stuffed with potato curry… Mmmmmm nom nom nom…

I really like the chicken wings, it’s quite succulent, although the potato stuffing itself is a bit dry. I ponder what I can eat the rice with, as Manu would say “there is no sauce”. Then I found a little plate of creamy stuff which I thought it was salad dressing, but it was actually green curry sauce! Yay! It has a teeny tiny kick to it and I really liked it.


I love how this lunch set comes with miso soup, which has tofu and carrots in it. For a cafe meal, it’s actually pretty healthy.

At HKD$97 (including service charge) it’s fairly expensive in Hong Kong standard, but I do like that the concept is a little bit different and you can actually relax at Good Place. Next time, I wanted to try their stuffed chicken wings with mushrooms! 7/10