Tom Toon Thai Noodle Cafe

I have 3 days of maternity leave before heading overseas to Hong Kong. Feeling super excited and mobile at 33 weeks, I decided to venture to my favorite Thai place, Jinda Thai, for lunch, on a weekday.


WTF?! This can’t happen to me!!!! Noooooooo!!!!!

So I wandered around aimlessly in Victoria street, wondering what I should have. There IS ramen burger, which I always wanted to try. There is trusty pho places that I know it’s good. But I just really wanted a hot, steamy bowl of Thai noodle soup dammit!

I remembered my Thai friend Ying saying the place next to Ying Thai is pretty good for noodle soup, so I decided to try my luck and hope that Tom Toon Thai is the place she was referring to.

Tom Toon Thai Noodle Cafe
241 Victoria Street, Abbotsford, Melbourne
(03) 9417 7447


It was nice and quiet when I walked in, as it was on the early side of noon. I looked at the menu wondering what to order and also baulked at a dish called “Thai sukiyaki”. Wtf? Sukiyaki is Japanese…! It really made me question the authenticity of this place.

I persevered though and ordered the beef noodle gravy soup with thin rice noodles $9.90.

(Later I overheard a patron asking the waitress for Pho. Now I think I get why they have to call stuff sukiyaki… =_=)


I reckon the noodle soup is not bad, but once you’ve gone to Jinda Thai, it’s really really hard to go back and think any Thai noodle soup is good. Sigh. There are pieces of stewed beef which is quite tender, although it’s sliced beef were tough. The rice noodles were also ever so slightly under cooked so even though the soup was nice enough, I was slightly disappointed by this whole dish.


As the portion size of Tom Toon Thai is as small as Jinda, I decided to try some dessert. I haven’t had mangoes for a while (shhhh it’s actually bad for pregnant people… For Chinese anywayz), so I happily chowed through this mango sticky rice with coconut milk in gusto. I know it seemed huge but I just can’t stop! I actually like this normal Thai dessert better than the crepes in Jinda Thai, and if I have to come back again, it will probably be for dessert only. 7/10

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