Mango Tree High Tea, Hong Kong

Mango Tree
Shop 2032, 2/F, Elements, 1 Austin Road West, Tsim Sha Tsui
+852 2668 4884


I love high tea in Hong Kong, other than traditional tiffin English high tea, they often incorporate other elements and themes into the high tea. For example, Mango Tree has a Thai themed high tea, and currently at Mandarin Oriental they have a Chloe themed high tea.

Meow and I went to the Mango Tree high tea this day, and for $300-$500 for two, you get a series of sweet or sweet and savoury bites and 2 drinks. We chose the “deluxe high tea” ($468 for 2). Although cocktails are on offer, we decided on a non-alcoholic beverage. I chose the coconut treasure, a mocktail made of coconut juice and jelly, whilst Meow chose the Pearl Barley Pandan Tea.


Our high tea came quickly, two layers of savoury and a top layer of sweet. Even though I love the traditional high tea which has scones, I couldn’t help but get excited about this very different high tea set.


I don’t even like prawns, but this barbecued jumbo prawn is too hard to resist. The prawn had a nice char grilled flavour, although I felt that the meat could be firmer.

On the middle of the plate it was the chicken wrapped in Pandan leaf. Now this was fantastic – the meat was flavoursome and succulent, I could definitely have five more of those. But I need to focus don’t I? There are still a lot more yummy food for me to consume!

On the right hand side, was the rice cracker with prawn sauce. The rice cracker wasn’t very fresh and it wasn’t very crispy. The prawn sauce did nothing to enhance the flavour. Bland bland bland was all I could say about this one.


The second tier of our high tea includes spicy prawn green mango salad, pomelo salad with crab meat and soft shell crab rice paper roll.

This prawn I didn’t actually eat, but I did try the green mango salad. It was a bit too sour for my liking… The flavours just wasn’t well balanced. The pomelo salad with crab meat on the other hand was fantastic! I just wish there was more!

The rice paper roll had wayyyy too much frilly lettuce which makes it hard to consume, but it has all my favorite things in one roll: mango, soft shell crab and avocado! Yum yum!


Our last tier was also the sweet tier: coconut pudding, Pandan layer cake, fresh mango and mango cheesecake.

I was a little bit disappointed with the dessert layer: I was really looking forward to it and expected more from Mango Tree. The mango cheesecake didn’t really have a huge mango nor cheese flavour, it’s more like eating slightly hardened cream. It didn’t even have a nice biscuity base!

The Pandan layer cake was a bit hard and tasted more like jasmine flowers than Pandan. I never quite like flower flavour in my food (jasmine, rose, lavender included) so I only took one bite of this.

The only redeeming dessert was the coconut pudding. It had creamy coconut flavours and not too sweet.

Overall there were certainly hits and misses in Mango Tree’s high tea and service-wise they also kept forgetting Meow’s pearl barley Pandan tea. Would I go back for high tea? Probably not, but I would be interested to try their other dishes on offer. 6.5/10