Hotel Windsor High Tea, Melbourne

Hotel Windsor
111 Spring St Melbourne, VIC 3000
03 9633 6000


For my last hurrah in Melbourne, I invited Shoe Queen and Makeup Queen for high tea at Hotel Windsor. Hotel Windsor is one of Melbourne’s institution, and I have been wanting to go there for high tea for ever. So it seemed most appropriate now that I am flying off to Hong Kong for 4 months, to have a decadent high tea as a grand farewell.


As I am pregnant they have thoughtfully provided all vego options for me and plated it in a different 3 tiered stand. I was gonna go all out and have ham and mayo and the like… But oh well :p

To be honest, I found both pregnant and non pregnant sandwich selection incredibly boring. I had two pieces of cucumber sandwiches, two pieces of marinate grilled veggies sandwiches and a tomato sandwich. It was dry and uninspiring.

The girls sandwiches was as uninspiring as mine, at least tasted better: chicken sandwiches, egg and mayo sandwiches, smoked salmon sandwiches…. It looked mouth watering compared to mine.


What I have been waiting for was certainly the scones.  So many people have raved about them, yet I could only describe them as disappointment.  The scones wasn’t fluffy, it wasn’t hot :(.  I wouldn’t say it was rock hard but I would rather go down the road to Self Preservation for their version, which I was seriously tempted to do if it wasn’t for my facial appointment.

The pastry selections cakes wasn’t great either.  Nothing was truly appealing and it was just a waste of my calories to consume it.


Tea and coffee were including in our afternoon tea and I decided to choose the “Enchanted Heart Blooming Tea”, which was described as “heart shaped white tea leaves gently open into a blossom of pink, amaranth and orange lily”.  I thought it would have been a nice touch to present the dry tea leaves and pour the hot water into the glass pot in front of me so I would be able to watch the tea leaves “blossom”, instead, the water was already in and the flower has already blossomed by the time it came to me.

Service-wise, it felt that we were rushed as they have two seatings.  They virtually started kicking us out at 2pm as they have a 2:30pm seating.  Really? You need 30 mins to prepare for your next seating?  Considering we paid $69 per head, with the food and service we received I don’t think I will be recommending nor coming back to Hotel Windsor for high tea.  I could have gone to Self Preservation for scones, Earl Canteen to buy some sandwiches and Le Petite Gateau for cakes and do my own high tea at home, thank you very much!  4/10

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