Clayton Bowls Club and Vue de Monde

Froggy was visiting me one weekend and being a bit obsessed with food, she stalks a number of foodie instagrammers who posts… you guessed it- food porn.  Froggy tagged me in one with Clayton Bowls Club and I told her surely not, the chef in Clayton is long gone.  Well, turns out, ex-Vue de Monde Chef Clinton McIver is STILL here, dishing out a $60 and a $80 degustation option.  So the prices are not as excellent as the first time we visited, but it’s still fantastic price with yumgasmic food at the end of the day.

Funnily enough, a few days later it was P.Mummy and P.Daddy’s 40th Anniversary, and we get to actually go to Vue de Monde, two degustation in a span of 4 days- we were spoilt!

DPP_00090 [800x600] DPP_00092 [800x600] DPP_00093 [800x600] DPP_00091 [800x600]Froggy went all out and chose the $80 option, which included a few appetizers and an extra dessert.  Our appetizers includes chicken skin with Japanese curry; wagyu tartare on tapioca chips (I had the sweet potato chip); puffy looking beef tendon with lime and pepper leaf and a bowl of chips with sprinkles of seaweed and a dip with tuna floss.

DPP_00095 [800x600]Some bread followed but whilst we love the warm loaf, we were less impressed with the house made butter which was a bit tasteless.

DPP_00094 [800x600]Our first course was the spanner crab with wasabi and citrus.  It was sensational.  Last time when I had this, it was delightfully creamy.  This time, it was beautifully refreshing, with the sweetness of the spanner crab contrasting with the slight hit of the wasabi and acidity of the citrus.

DPP_00096 [800x600]Our next dish, the potato, onions cooked in pear and miso and a mussel was not as it seemed.  First question the potato heads (Froggy and Hubby) asked was “where is the potato?  Then it was “did you see the mussel?  Well, the potato was the frothy concoction at the bottom of the plate and the mussel actually turned into “dust” and scattered all over the plate.  I know they are disappointed but this is high end degustation!  LOL

DPP_00099 [800x600]You know when you are pregnant and Asian, there is a huge list of forbidden food.  Sadly this is one of them- duck.  You might be going “wtf?  duck?  why?” I don’t know, I just know I do get into a lot of trouble if I ate it.  (Actually I am not supposed to eat crab either but I am not going to Clayton Bowls Club and not have their crab!)  ANYWAYZ.  This is the duck with summer berries and orange and Froggy said it was beautifully tender.

DPP_00097 [800x600]That being said I wasn’t super envious because I got this beautifully cooked fish with baby turnips.  I don’t even like fish that much but this is sensational.

DPP_00102 [800x600]This little thing with wing is our pre-dessert thingy.  Cheddar with plums and dots of black garlic on the side.  It was so moreish and surprisingly the garlic worked so well with the plum!

DPP_00103 [800x600]We had two desserts but unfortunately the first one didn’t really photograph well at all.  Named Salted pop corn, it was like a sweet corn soup with pop corn flavours, sweet and savoury at the same time.  It was my favourite dessert in Clayton Bowls Club to date.  More photogenic was this butter, nut and pumpkin.  Once again it had a sweet and savoury flavour but I found this way too heavy to finish- there are some serious buttery flavours there!

Even though I found most dishes sensational, I felt that it would probably be more value for money if we stuck to the $60 degustation.  While I love the appetizers, I found that the additional dessert course (which was the butter, nut, pumpkin) wasn’t as perfect as the other dishes and we had enough by then anyway.

Vue de Monde
Level 55 Rialto Towers Melbourne
03 9691 3888

IMG_6336 [640x480] IMG_6324 [640x480]Going to Vue de Monde was always an experience.  From taking their special sexy dark lifts to the 55th Level of Rialto Towers, to walking through their wine cellar to being seated in one of their leather bound tables, it exudes luxury and class.  It’s P.Mummy and Daddy’s 40th Anniversary and we are prepared to go all out…. ish.  Whilst we didn’t get the full degustation (that will just be too much, esp on a Monday night), we did get 6 courses, which is A LOT considering Vue de Monde give you complimentary appetizers, palate cleansers, pre-desserts and petite fours in between.  We also decided to add truffles onto some of our courses… nom nom nom….

Appetisers are served.  Instead of getting the salt cured wallaby though, preggars me got the carrot and I think it was Moreton Bay Bug dipping sauce.

DPP_00093 [800x600] DPP_00092 [800x600] DPP_00090 [800x600] DPP_00091 [800x600]Fish was next for me, I am not a huge fish person but this fish simply melts in your mouth…It comes with a thinly peeled potato with caviar on top and chicken jus

DPP_00094 [800x600] Next was the beef cooked in hot coals, a reminiscence of an Aussie BBQ.  Of course mine was cooked a bit longer but fear not, at Vue de Monde, it’s of course going to be wagyu beef, so it’s going to be oh so juicy and tender.  The waiter expertly shaved truffle onto this dish… and the truffle fragrant filled the air…

DPP_00095 [800x600]

We had a palette cleanser in between, cucumber sorbet with frozen herb served theatrically.  I won’t spoil the surprise- you just have to go to Vue de Monde yourself to find out 😉

Our next course for me was the beautifully cooked duck with truffles, whilst the others had this beautifully cooked duck egg yolk (runny, hence I can’t have it) with sliced pear and truffle.

DPP_00096 [800x600]A beautiful mud crab sandwich was next- meaty, sweet and delicious.

DPP_00097 [800x600]

Our last course before dessert was the marron with pine mushroom cream.  I adored pine mushroom and this was sensational.  I wish I could dip my fingers into the rock bowl and lick every bit of it clean.  Actually one minor incident happened as they are serving this dish.  The waiter dropped my pine mushroom cream and as it was housed in this marble/rock bowl it made a huge BANG.  I could see Head Chef Corey giving the waiter a look.  Ooopsssyy!  Thankfully no toes were hurt from this incident and even more miraculously the pine mushroom which landed head first did not even splatter everywhere- it simply remained in the stone bowl.  Either way my cream was swiftly and discreetly replaced and the smooth service continued.

DPP_00098 [800x600]

I know P.Daddy loves his cheese so we decided to order this amazing cheese course.

DPP_00099 [800x600]

Another palette cleanser before our real dessert which I think it was some cucumber coconut sorbet kale thing 🙂

DPP_00100 [800x600]


Then it’s on to sweet desserts!  P.Mummy is obsessed with souffles so we had their chocolate souffle each.  For the grand finale, of course there needs to be truffles- lots and lots and lots of truffles!  Ohhhh yeah… bring it on!!!!

DPP_00101 [800x600] DPP_00103 [800x600] DPP_00102 [800x600]

To bring our meal to a sweet end, there are petite fours and of course a special little something for the guests of honour…

DPP_00104 [800x600] DPP_00106 [800x600] DPP_00105 [800x600]It IS quite hard to compare Vue de Monde with Clayton to be honest.  Both places serves sensational food at different price point.  But if you could afford it, I would certainly go to Vue de Monde for a special night out- it’s worth dropping a few hundred of your hard earned dollars for.

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