Cafe 103, Ritz Carlton Hong Kong

Cafe 103, Ritz Carlton Hong Kong
103/F, The Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong, International Commerce Centre, 1 Austin Road West, Tsim Sha Tsui
+852 2263 2270


High tea at the top of the world… Well, on the top of Hong Kong at least. Perched on the 103rd floor of ICC, you get the amazing views of Hong Kong on the clear day and delicious high tea set at the Ritz Carlton.


This month, Ritz Carlton collaborated with Grand Marnier to do an orangey liquor flavored high tea. To be honest, Shaz thought they were still serving the Pierre Hermes high tea, lol. The waiter also warned us cos one of us is preggars and the other is nursing lol, but meh, how much liquor are the gonna give us, really? It’s nice of them to let us know though! And one of the waitress also gave me a big cushion to rest my tired back, which I thought it was a nice touch.

And here it is! The Grand Marnier high tea!!! Two layers of sweets and one layer of savoury, Shaz and I both commented it would have been nicer to have 2 layers of savoury and one layer of sweet and for greedy me, I wish they would also give us scones! What’s with high tea without sconessssss?! 😦

We started with the orange and foie gras macaron. It was so weird to have a savoury macaron but to be honest it’s quite nice. The foie gras flavour was quite prominent and the orange was a great match. The macaron though as you can see wasn’t quite perfectly formed. The shells were soft rather than slightly chewy.

Roast beef and horseradish in a charcoal bun: I know this looks big compared to the macaron, but to be honest this bun was teeny tiny. It was so tiny that there is only a tiny tiny slither of beef! I just wish this was slightly bigger so I can really taste the flavour!


Grand Marnier cured salmon open sandwich: the herby sandwich base was nicely toasted although I must say we both couldn’t taste the Grand Marnier.

Truffle mushroom puff: the mushroom puff was delicious but there was only a very very subtle taste of truffles :(. Once again maybe a bigger piece would have been better heehee!


Onto the sweet items! We tried the chocolate and orange tart first. As I recently tried making a choc orange tart myself a few days ago, I reckon my choc orange tart is yummier and have more orange flavour than this one! I stupidly ate the whole thing and I am so regretting it – I was getting too full to eat the other cakes, which I liked better!



We had to rest a bit due to food coma, then decided to try the strawberry and rhubarb mousse. I am not a huge fan of mousse but I managed two spoonfuls as the strawberry and rhubarb combination is actually quite nice and refreshing after the very rich chocolate tart.


We had “Constellation” next, which is a crunchy chocolate and citrus cake. I really like this cake, especially the slightly tart orange jelly on top. I also love anything crunchy so this orange and crunchy chocolate cake really hits the spot and it’s definitely my favorite cake! I really wish I could finish it but I had to move onto the next few desserts.


I am a bit skeptical of the passion fruit and pistachio cake, but surprisingly I quite like this cake as it was a bit lighter and citrusy, with a crunchy biscuit in the bottom. Although I must say this one was extremely had to eat cos the top was soft and the bottom was hard, I was a bit worried about breaking the plate when I stab at it and we both sent this cake flying onto our outfits more than once! Lol


Oh my lord! Last but not least, we had “The Cake” and “Tobago”. I must admit that we cannot really give a fair judgement to these two cakes because we were just so full!

“The Cake” which is apparently a Ritz Carlton original (whatever that means) is like a chocolate brownie. I really can’t taste the orange in this and it just tasted like the chocolate tart with different texture! :p

The Tobago is a mango coconut cake, is yummy enough but super dense… I wish I could fit another mouthful in but seriously the sweets are so filling that I was in a serious food coma and had to roll out by the end!


It didn’t help that when we first arrived we were so hot that iced chocolate seemed to be a great choice! We just had a chocolate overdose! No more chocolate!!! (Well until Friday maybe! Haha! :p). We finally decided to share a peppermint tea to help digest all the food we ate! Heehee.

Overall we quite like the high tea here, and will definitely recommend people to visit when they are in Hong Kong! Next month apparently is Godiva x Ritz Carlton, so stay tuned!