Shanghai Flavor 小上海

Shanghai Flavor 小上海
G/F, 119 First Street, Western District , Western District
+852 2915 2281

Every time I take a taxi back home in Hong Kong, I kept seeing this yellow sign with red writing “小上海” (translated as Little Shanghai). I love Shanghaiese food, so I have been dying to try this place.

Finally, there was this day my MIL actually ditched me for lunch, so I decided to walk down to First Street to 小上海 for lunch! It was such a hot day but I really really wanted to try their Shanghaiese fried noodles $42 plus their boiled veggies $12.


When the dish arrived it looked a bit oily, but it certainly wasn’t when I took a bite. There was a lot of crunchy veggies amongst it as well, it was delicious. I love the slightly chewy Shanghaiese noodles, and polished off this plate in no time!


The veggies are just simply boiled, not very flavoursome, but it was perfect for me… Made me feel a bit healthy kekekeke.. Well, until I started putting chilli sauce onto the veggies :p

I also decided to order a cup of cold soy milk drink – the soy milk was icy cold and flavoursome – it absolutely hits the spot.

After I went on my merry way back home, I couldn’t forget this little shop, so I went back the next week with hubby.


Hubby ordered their set meal with mapo tofu, rice and soup HKD$38. I tried some of the mapo tofu and felt that it was a bit bland and the tofu doesn’t really hold well. The flavours are ok.

I would love to order the Shanghaiese noodles again, but decided to try their Shanghai wonton instead. Perfectly wrapped, the wonton skins are slightly thicker than the ones I was used to but it was even more delicious that way. The insides had a perfect balance of pork and veggies, it was delicious.


I completely forgot to take a pic of our last dish, which is a stir fried capsicum and shredded potatoes HKD$52. It was delicious and crunchy and fantastic with rice.

I seriously love this homey little place which is run by a husband and wife team. So it isn’t the bestest food in the whole wide world, but there’s just something about it that made it so special that makes me want to come back again and again. 7.5/10

P.S. I went back again to Shanghai Flavor after writing this post and would also highly recommend these dishes: pork chop veggie rice and red bean spring rolls- I am loving this place more and more each visit lol