Little Ipoh

Little Ipoh
Above LaTrobe Cafe.On 1st flr
360 La Trobe St Melbourne
03 9329 1826

As my belly becomes bigger, it felt harder to motivate myself to cook dinner, so the discovery of Menulog and Delivery Hero is like godsend.  I am able to order my favourite Thai, Japanese and Pizza delivery that way, and also try new things.  I discovered a new place called Little Ipoh in Menulog and convinced my Hubby to try them.

Feeling hangry I ordered at 6pm, and normally Menulog’s confirmation is quite quick.  This time I waited for half an hour and still haven’t heard from Menulog, so I rang Little Ipoh directly.  After ringing about 5 times without anyone picking up, Menulog finally notified me that they had to cancel the order because they couldn’t locate the restaurant.  Imagine how PISSED OFF I was about that.

However, I tried to be reasonable cos as it turned out Little Ipoh was forced to close their kitchen due to unforeseen circumstances (even though they should have notified everyone).  So I decided to try them again.

Little Ipoh’s menu consists curiously of Malaysian and Western food, so it seemed to satisfy both our desires- Hubby wanted Western food and I wanted Malaysian food.  We ordered through Menulog again and this time the confirmation was quite quick- they were to deliver in 45 mins.  Well…. 55 mins later, our order came – some of the curry leaked and soaked paper napkins provided and most of the dishes were lukewarm.  =_=

photo 1 [800x600]Our entree was the chef recommended Murtabak Utara $6.  Apologies for the pic but I was so hungry.  This is like a roti filled with meat and served with curry and dahl sauce.  I am not too sure if the dahl was supposed to be cold, but I wasn’t game enough to continue eating after the first bite.  The curry sauce was hot and was excellent though.  Hubby said he wished they offer potato curry on its own.  The roti itself was OK, but the mystery meat they used was really fatty.

photo 4 [800x600]We also found this mysterious box of soup/ veggies thing with bits of seafood that we didn’t know whether it’s for my dish or Hubby’s dish.  We tentatively tasted it and decided that it was Asian tasting so it should be for my dish – Ipoh Char Hor Fun $10.9

photo 2 [800x600]I WAS wondering why my box of noodles was so small – now I understand as the soupy box above was supposed to be the “thick gravy” with seafood and vegies.  Needless to say I wasn’t very impressed with the thickness of the gravy, nor the flavour for the matter.  It just tasted like brown sauce you get from Chinese takeaway catered for Westerners and it tasted as if it had a ton of MSG.  To be honest their actual stir fried noodles was pretty good on its own, so I thank the food gods that Little Ipoh packed it separately.

photo 3 [800x600]Now this, as you can probably tell already, is an epic fail.  Lamb shanks (yes, this IS lamb shanks), served with creamy potato (at least that’s what the menu said, but we got some soggy lukewarm chips), rosemary sauce for $16.9.  I wasn’t sure how they managed to find the smallest lamb possible to slaughter but this is really really tiny.  Needless to say it didn’t taste that great.  Hubby kept saying “Oh well, at least we tried.  We are never ordering from this place again.”.  I felt a bit sorry for him.  On one hand, when a Malaysian restaurant offer a Western menu, how good could it be?  On the other, well they DID offer it so it IS up for judgement.

So as Hubby said, tried it, won’t be back again 4/10.