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“Where should we eat?” My friend Will asked me. “I really really wanna try Tabibito!!!!” But DOH! Tabibito ain’t open on Mondays!!!! How annoying! What else? Well, not long ago I saw Daniel from Hungry Hong Kong’s food porn of Amazake on Instagram, so I said, “How about Amazake?”


I know it’s weird but all three of us don’t really drink alcohol so we decided to order mocktails. Ron ordered a passion fruit cocktail and Will & I ordered a mango and blackberry mocktail. Weirdly enough, Will’s mocktail looked more mangoey yellow and mine looked more purpley, even though it’s the same cocktail. Mmm a bit of consistency would have been great but we all liked our cocktails.


We ordered a few bits and bobs to start off with to see how we go. Rock & roll was one of them $85. This is a cucumber minced beef roll with Parma ham. Because I couldn’t eat raw meat I had to peel off the Parma ham so I must say I couldn’t truly taste the flavour. All I ended up with is just a teeny tiny cucumber roll :p

We also tried to order slow cooked ox tongue, but they ran out. The waitress did suggested a grilled ox tongue which was nice and tender, but I would prefer it to have a more charcoaly flavour.


I love the creative names in Amazake. Shell shockers was next, $98, which was a plateful of whelks cooked in teriyaki sauce. I am a bit scared of whelks normally, but cos it’s chopped up into little pieces it was less scary heehee. I really like this dish, it was tender and flavoursome.


Fly Fish – as you can probably guess, there are uni in the middle! Wrapped around the uni was kisu, which is a fish that’s great for tempura. I can detect shiso when I bit into it. It was really yummy but I couldn’t really taste the sea urchin, which was the main reason why I ordered this dish. :/

We were still a bit hungry so we decided to order more dishes. Not pictured here was the Amazake Fried Rice $138. I was kicking myself for not taking a picture of it, cos it looked awesome. THe fried rice has good wok hey (breath of the wok) and had a onsen egg that sat prettily on top. In the fried rice there were foie gras and wagyu beef so it was quite rich but oh so yummy. I would say it’s a must try dish at Amazake.


For some reason people raved about this dish. It’s really just whitebait with chips and wasabi mayo. That said it was beautifully fried and the wasabi had a strong kick to it.


Ron must love citrusy stuff cos for dessert he ordered yuzu sorbet. I didn’t get to ask what it was like cos I was too enticed by own dessert – Mochi icecream!


Look how cute it is! There are two serves of green tea Mochi icecream and black sesame Mochi icecream that Will and I shared. To be honest the Mochi skin is a bit hard at first but it did quickly become soft at room temperature. The black sesame one had a nice toasty flavour and the green tea one is quite nice as well. It was a nice little end to our night. 7.5/10