小甜谷 Xiao Tian Gu

小甜谷 Xiao Tian Gu
Shop A & B, 86-96 Kimberley Road, Tsim Sha Tsui
+852 2394 3818

Pretty much within Hong Kong’s unofficial “Korean town”, at the end of Kimberley Road next to a high school sits Xiao Tian Gu, which is a dessert cafe loosely translated as “Little Sweet Valley”. “Gu” though, is also a mandarin pronunciation of the owner’s surname, as it turns out she is a celebrity who opened this chain, with several stores scattered around Tsim Sha Tsui and Tai Hang. The reason why I visited this store though was because I have several meetings at TST, also this store is new and reviews overall were positive.


Celebrity photos adorned the wall, but I am not too sure whether it’s a deterrent for me to go there or not. I am often really skeptical of celebrity joints. If I had known a celebrity opened this place I probably wouldn’t have visited to be honest.

There are a number of signature dishes in this store, including their pomelo dessert with durian or mango, filo pastry with durian or mango and yes even their savoury dumplings are signature dishes here.


I just had lunch so wanted a relatively light dessert. I debated between the pomelo dessert with mango or the mango filo pastry, but eventually the mango filo pastry won as the manager said it’s quite light. You also get to choose an icecream to go with this dessert, either chocolate icecream from Movenpick, mango and strawberry icecream (one is from Dreyers and the other one I forgot). I picked the chocolate icecream.


It didn’t take too long before this piping hot dessert came along. As you can see fresh mangoes adorn the plate which was sweet and delicious. I love the lightness of the filo pastry with fresh mango slices and pillowy light chiffon in between. The mango flavours really shines through. To be honest it really didn’t need the choc chip icecream even though the icecream itself was nice. It just distracts the flavours (I think even the mango icecream would have done the same if I have chosen it).

If it was less out of the way for me I would definitely come back time and time again. I kept dreaming about this dessert ever since I had it. Nom nom nom! 9/10