Rosa’s Kitchen

Rosa’s Kitchen
Just behind Longrain
22 Punch Lane Melbourne
03 9662 2883

photo 1 [800x600]Ever since Rosa’s left Journal Canteen and opened Rosa’s Kitchen on Punch Lane I have been wanting to visit.  The prices are a bit steep to be honest for a regular lunch time meal, but I figure since Monkylicious is in town, why not indulge a little and go have some delicious Italian?

Rosa’s does have a lunch time menu, $30 for 2 courses plus drinks or $40 for 3 courses plus drinks, but sadly we didn’t really like the look of the menu as they are not very preggars friendly, so we have decided to go a la carte.

photo 3 [800x600]I decided to have the casarecce with pork ragu $23 which was absolutely delicious.  The pasta was al dente and the pork ragu was deceptively simple but delicious.

photo 2 [800x600]Monkylicious had the lamb neck $30 which was super tender and flavoursome.  It was served with a bed of polenta and greens.

photo 4 [800x600]With our meals there were also complimentary bread and super fresh salad.  I know it’s hard to perfect a simple dish and Rosa’s Kitchen has done this splendidly.  However, as I said before for lunch it was really quite expensive, I certainly won’t be able come back regularly for a meal.  8/10

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