The Butcher’s Club Burger, Wan Chai

The Butcher’s Club Burger, Wan Chai
Shop 10, G/F, Rialto Building, 2 Landale Street, Wan Chai
+852 2528 2083

Hubby loves burger so when he came to Hong Kong, I decided that we should go to a burger place for our date night, before giving birth to our little bub ^^

I have seen so many tantalizing pics of The Butcher’s Club burgers on Instagram, and all these whispers of “secret menu”, I was literally busting with excitement to be there.

We went there extra extra early, cos we know this place gets full after work hours (that’s about 6pmish if u r really really really lucky). Iwe got there at about 5:15pm and the place is already half full (there must be some really really super lucky office workers in Wan Chai!

For some reason from the Instagram pictures we expected a place where we can have nice comfy seat and have an actual conversation and chillax a bit, but we realized this is like a fast food joint with high chairs and narrow tables (aka not pregnant lady friendly)… So much for our date night!


I was looking high and low for a menu of sorts, but the so called menu has only got like 2 things: burger and duck fat fries plus an assortment of drinks. Erm. So I asked for the secret menu. Apparently I need to scan the QR code. Wtf?! I don’t even have a QR reader! Or else it will just have to be the normal burger, if you don’t know the actual secret menu :/. Bloody hell. I tried to order from my memory of what I saw on Instagram but none of those are on the secret menu anymore. Grrrrr…

So we ordered two normal burgers (sigh) HKD$100 each, duck fat fries HKD$20 to share and two cans of drinks. Unfortunately my drink was not even cold, but they kindly gave me ice in a cup to go with it :p


The burgers and fries came not long after. Let’s talk about the burger first. I quite like it and felt that it was better than Huxtaburger in Melbourne (not Rockwell and Sons though). But for twice the price you would bloody hope so! Was it twice as good? No I won’t say it is. The patty was juicy and had a fantastic chargrilled flavour, I love the giant piece of melted cheese and fresh tomatoes and slices of gherkin with a nice slice of bacon.

Hubby wasn’t as impressed though and felt Huxtaburger was better and said burgers in Macdonald’s in Australia is better. He also grumbled about the bloody QR code just to see the bloody menu and said at least Huxtaburger don’t need that.

The fries we both agree was a disappointment. It was lukewarm and not very flavoursome. We certainly can’t taste the yummy duck fat flavours and it was a bit on the small side.

I reckon if you are really really really missing western food, or you didn’t know better, you would have been impressed by it, but for us who had something better to compare to, The Butcher’s Club certainly ain’t worth it.