866 Queensbury Road Notth Melbourne
03 9090 7301

 These days I have been having loads if sandwiches and burgers because you can eat it quickly and effectively with one hand most of the time while the other can tend to the baby (aka shove him some finger food so I can get to eat my meal).  So when I heard that beatrix not only does fantastic cakes but also AMAZINGLY sandwiches I am instantly hooked- I want to go there now!

I grabbed Hangry Piglet and messaged Monkylicious and we were seated at Beatrix within an hr.  Beatrix is tiny… For some reason I always thought it was a huge cafe laden with cakes.  The menu is on the blackboard and there are specials.


 Monkylicious ordered Beggbie, which is like a bacon and egg burger with roasted beetroot relish.  While I ordered the Just Chicken, a special on that day which is poached Milawa chicken with chicken crackling (when I ordered I said I wanted a “Just Crackling” cos all I could see in my mind are those cracklings! Lol)

When the food arrived we eyed on each other’s dish and had major food envy.  And of course being fabulous foodies we decided to share.  We did not regret sharing one bit!


The Beggbie just hits the spot with the amazing gooey egg and bacon combo, while the chicken was light and yumgasmic with those salty cracklings.


 Of course we have to try their cakes after people raved on about it.  Sadly our choc hazelnut torte tasted somewhat like soy sauce.  We both thought it was pretty weird and was a bit disappointed.  


 I also got the rhubarb cheesecake takeaway for hubby and whilst it wasn’t bad, it wasn’t as yummy as I imagined it would be.  The rhubarb crumble had a very oily taste to it and I think that was what spoils it for me.

That being said I would definitely go back for the sandwiches and give their cakes another chance.  Maybe they were just having an off day?

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