The Premises

I have not been to The Premises for yonks since last time I went with Lil and her bubs.  Now that I have Hangry Piglet I often come to Kensington to borrow toys from the toy library, which means a chance to explore Kensington all over again.


 When toting a fussy tot on the go, I always long for friendly service and super fast food.  The Premises did not disappoint.  The barista ran to open the door for me and make room for my huge pram, whilst the waitress gave me some time to settle in but was efficient with taking my order when I am ready.  The food came lightening fast which was a fantastic bonus.


There are so many yummy but healthy looking options at The Premises, but I am especially intrigued by The Premises hot smoked salmon with tea pickled egg.  Back in Asia we often have tea smoked eggs or eggs marinated in tea so I was interested in The Premises take on it. 

The salmon was beautifully cooked and was delicious with the creamy potato salad that came with it.  There is also a served of sesame lavosh atopped with a salad of pickled tomato, radish and cucumber.  


The sesame lavosh was delightfully crunchy and I even gave some to Bubs to munch on (unwillingly of course! It was so yummy!).  The pickled tomato however was too sour!

The tea pickled egg was not what I imagined it to be, not good not bad, just meh.  Nothing spesh.  I would much preferred a good poached egg with this salmon.

With drinks, I am not a coffee drinker *ducks for cover* but I heard there are good coffee here.  I chose the lemonade which was ok… It tasted more like a honey lemon drink I drink when I am sick more than lemonade with mint. 

The cake cabinet tempted me on the way out but as bubs was starting to get really fussy I had to leave it for next time! 

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