287 Coventry St South Melbourne
03 9690 2688

Bibelot was opened 4 days ago at the time of my visit so please bear this in mind when you read my review.


I really wanted to like Chez Dre new offshoot, Bibelot.  I went on day one with excitement because I saw all these photos on Instagram of the beautiful layout and gorgeous cakes on offer.  

This shop sells chocolate, sorbets and cakes, and you can also sit down for a coffee.

I bought the peanut caramel dark chocolate with pink salt but didn’t stop for food.  The chocolate was ok.  The dark choc bit was actually great, but I could not taste any peanut flavour at all.

The next day came back for a coffee with a friend and I ordered soy ice chocolate.  Their iced chocolate is made with their chocolate sorbet so I was excited to try that.  For some reason the waiter wasn’t sure whether they could make it, although I did specifically mentioned that I am ok to have some dairy if needed.  They checked and they confirmed it was ok to make this for me.

When the ice chocolate came however, the first thing I found was this really big hard lump (is it excited to see me..? :p) I thought it was the base of the glass but oh no, turns out it was a huge lump of unmelted chocolate.  Wtf?! I thought they use chocolate sorbet? How could it be not melted?  Why is it not even cold?  More like lukewarm?  There are also little shards of chocolate under it.  It was seriously hard to drink this as the straw kept getting clogged up with chocolate bits.  I had to eventually do the most unladylike thing and scoop the huge chocolate chunk out and gnaw on it to get rid of it.


 I did mentioned this to the waiter but he only apologized and said he would feed this back to the barista and told me that they are worried about burning the milk.  But but but… It’s supposed to be chocolate sorbet!! I seriously wasn’t sure whether it’s because I ordered soy that this whole thing didn’t work out or is it normally like this?

We also had a chocolate and green tea sable and that was really nice.  Not too sweet with a delicious green tea flavour.

All in all I might give this place a month or so to settle in and come back and give it another go.  I will need to get around trying their cakes, although they seemed to be the same cakes as the ones they used to have in Chez Dre and I found their cakes too sweet for my liking.

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