Hammer and Tong

I have heard about their soft shell crab burger for a long long long long time and have been dying to try it. I didn’t realise Hammer and Tong is actually not too far from my place, so one fine morning I got a few friends together to check it out.
Knowing that I am going to indulge, I ordered a healthy freshly squeezed juice to balance it out. The juice was refreshing and really hits the spot!

Then of course I did order the soft shell crab burger. The charcoal burger was filled to the brim with crab, with it’s magnificent legs splaying delightfully up the sky. The soft shell crab was incredibly fresh and the herbs medley of coriander and spring onions really lightens the slightly greasy dish.

My dining companion ordered potato porridge with Vegemite biscuits. Don’t for one second think that this is healthy. “Porridge” in this case is actually mashed potato. Creamy, buttery, smooth potato. Ohhhh yeah. It was a massive dish but my dining companion managed to eat it all. I mean, how could you resist mash potatoes? I am not a huge fan of Vegemite so I couldn’t comment on the Vegemite biscuit, but my friends thought it was great although they were expecting the biscuit to be crunchy not soggy.

My other friend chose a prawny pasta dish which she thought was fantastic as well, although I found it a little bit rich for brekkie!

We shared a side of KFC haloumi which was amazing! Nom nom nom!

I also ordered a side of fried egg for Hangry Piglet and they even put bits of micro herb on it for him! I love this place!

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