Mörk Chocolate Brewhouse

Mörk Chocolate Brewhouse

150 Errol St, North Melbourne

(03) 9328 1386

After seeing all these awesome Instagram videos of Mork chocolate brew house I am dying to go and try it for myself.
I sat down and they immediately gave me a glass of sparkling water with vanilla essence which tasted absolutely amazing.
I have been eyeing on the Campfire chocolate but when I got there, I got lures by the chocolate soda with yuzu flavour (limited time only). As a huge yuzu fan how could I not try this?
The waiter presented this tall glass of sparkling water and a small bottle which is filled with hot chocolate infused with fresh yuzu essence. He shook it and pour into the sparkling water with a flourish. Recommending that I taste the foam on top first it was a delicious and refreshing citrus flavour. The yuzu was a bit more subtle when you drink the chocolate but it was nonetheless delicious and the flavours were beautifully balanced.

My friend had their layered chocolate which was chocolate with a layer of orange custard. The custard was warm and the chocolate was cold which makes an interesting drink. The orange flavour really lifts this drink.
I am so impressed by Mörk Chocolate Brewhouse I can’t wait to visit again! The only thing is they don’t have much in terms of food, but it’s nice to find a place which specializes in what they do best and not have other things to distract from their speciality.

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