My monthly pilgrimage to Kensington has always ended with visits to The Premises, but today, I wanted to try something a little bit different to shake things up.
Enter Luncheonette, apparently this tiny vintage cafe is a must visit and serves Coffee Supreme, and whilst not a coffee drinker, it’s a brand that I like.
Luncheonette is certainly small, and it doesn’t have high chairs for bubs either. But what they lack in space, they certainly made up for it with friendliness and helpfulness in helping me fit my big pram into their shop!

I ordered a weak soy mocha to kick things off, but alas when it arrived I found the coffee a bit too hot, although I couldn’t tell for sure whether the milk was burnt or not.

For food, I tried their baked eggs with Istra chorizo. On the menu it said that this would be served with toast, but to my delight it was served withhold toasted baguette with a generous serving of butter which bubs and I both loved.

The whole dish was bubbling as it arrived and my mouth began to water.  Hangry Piglet’s eyes went wide as if to say, “Hey! I want some too!”  I shut him up with more pieces of baguette while I contemplate how to tackle this hottie.

I dug in and was immediately in heaven.  The eggs were perfectly cooked and the chorizo had a slight kick to it.  I moped the sauce with the buttered baguette and it was beautiful.
I am really impressed by the care they made their food, although I would probably skip their coffee next time. Luncheonette is certainly a good (& cheaper) alternative to The Premises.

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