Phoenix Soars

Phoenix Soars

80 Jackson Court, Doncaster East

(03) 85283269

One day, P.Daddy came home from Doncaster raving about this Chinese BBQ place in Doncaster East and insisting that we should go try it.  Apparently Phoenix Soars is owned by a couple of young guys who are passionate about Chinese BBQ and it was so amazing that he almost got more Chinese BBQ to take away.  So last weekend, we decided to check out this place to see what the fuss is about.

It was about 1:30pm and the place was still fairly busy.  They quickly seated us though and we heard them telling customers a few BBQ meats are sold out.  I quickly decided I wanted the soya chicken with noodle soup and hubby wanted their stir fry chicken noodles.

My goodness, for about $11 the portion is huge.  The bowl of noodle soup is bigger than my face and that was one generous serve of chicken there.

I love the flavours of this dish.  The chicken has a slight smokey flavour to it and the meat was quite succulent.  But perhaps I am so used to having free range chicken in Hong Kong, the texture of this chicken is just lacking.  The noodles were over cooked, I would have much preferred it al dente.

Hubby’s stir fried noodles were quite mediocre to be honest.  Instead of using thin yellow noodles for this dish they used thick noodles.  The sauce just didn’t cling onto these noodles properly.  The flavours were ok, just nothing outstanding to write home about.

Sometimes people misinterpreted good value as yummy.  In this case, I think P.Diddy has got it wrong.  Whilst it’s certainly value for money, feeding us to the brim for under $15 each, it certainly wasn’t worth driving all the way to Doncaster East for this.

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