Pei Modern

Pei Modern
Sofitel, 45 Collins St, Melbourne
03 9654 8545

Pei Modern has this really great $39 for 2 courses lunch set which is great value for money and with the name “eat pei quick” it sounds great for people with limited time for lunch.

I took Monkylicious there a couple of years ago and we were really impressed by the food, so when Dorenedo came for a visit in Melbourne and wanted a quick bite before dashing away for her meeting, we suggested meeting up here.

Monky and I chose the 2 course mains plus dessert, whilst Dorenedo chose entree plus mains.  We all got enticed by the sea urchin sandwich starter, which was this gorgeous slab of fresh sea urchin with potato foam between crispbreads.

Dorenedo’s ox tongue came and it looked more like a main – it was huge.  The ox tongue were nice and tender, although slightly on the salty side.

Our mains, sadly, were below average.  The dish Dorenedo and I ordered were beautifully cooked, but way way wayyyy too salty for both of us.  It left us both with parched throats for the afternoon.  Our extra side of fries were mediocre at best, and for $10 were could have gotten better in one of those burger trucks around Melbourne.

After our mains, we waited and waited and waited for our dessert.  With the name “Eat Pei Quick” we would have thought that everything would come out pretty quickly.  It came to a point where Dorenedo had to leave cos she was rushing to her meeting.  Given that she has allowed more than 1.5 hours for lunch, we found that’s a bit unacceptable.

The dessert was once again, not very good.  The souffle tasted sickly sweet of sugar and nothing else.  The serving was generous but we only had two bites and gave up.  I used to love Pei Modern and felt a bit let down by their food that day.
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