Gelato Messina

Gelato Messina
237 Smith st, Fitzroy
1800 435 286

I forced Hubby to visit Gelato Messina with me one arvo. We are in luck! At 12:30pm it was still quite quiet. We looked like kids in a gelato store (oh opps we ARE in a gelato store!) trying to decide which flavours to get. So many different types of chocolate…. Soooo many versions of coffee! Do you want coffee, tiramisu, coffee with nuts…? My mind just boggles.

Fortunately they would happily let you try all their flavours until you decide on one that you wanted. We chose chocolate sorbet (dairy and gluten free) and one of their specials called Nuttin To It.
What an amazing choice. The chocolate sorbet was dark and smooth, not too sweet but just hitting all the right spots.
Nuttin to It is a peanut gelato with coffee crunch, peanut and white chocolate. I feared that the white chocolate would make it sickly sweet, but no, it was delicious.
I know a lot of peeps would disagree but to be honest, I felt that the gelato at Spring st Grocer seemed smoother and yummier, but of course, I do like the quirky special flavours they have in Gelato Messina too.

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