Hinoki Japanese Pantry

Hinoki Japanese Pantry
279 Smith Street, Fitzroy
03 9417 4531

It was a rare day off for myself and hubby and we decided to trek off to Fitzroy for a little lunch date. Even thought Melbourne has brought on the dreaded AV, aka Arctic Vortex, I was determined to have sushi. I rarely had sushi since being pregnant and giving birth and seeing so many sushi pics on people’s Instagram makes me real jealous. So we decided ( well I decided) to go to Hinoki Japanese Pantry.

I really wanted to love Hinoki Pantry, I really do. There are so many food porn on Instagram on it and it just looks so darn yummy. As you can probably tell I wasn’t impressed.
We ordered the scallop hollandaise sushi, the yuzu kingfish sushi, a small sashimi and 2 miso soup.

The sashimi were not very fresh. More like what you can get in food court or”Japanese” takeaway. For $15 I was hoping for something a bit better.


IMG_0973 [800x600]


Next up was the scallop hollandaise sushi. I quite like how it was a bit innovative and they used a blowtorch to “flame” the scallops so it has a bit of a smokey flavour, but it would be nicer if there are more scallops and if only it’s a bit fresher. The hollandaise was also quite flavourless which adds nothing to the dish other than empty calories.

The Kingfish sushi was ok, I quite like the yuzu flavour with the kingfish, but once again the quantity and quality of the fish was what I have issues about.

On to the miso soup. This was terrible. I know it said it’s homemade and no MSG but it was so salty that both hubby and I couldn’t drink it at all. And that’s $3 each down the drain. The other problem is that it wasn’t even hot. We were hoping for some nice hot soup after eating all the sushi. Ok, so we ate most of the sushi before drinking the soup, so to be fair we didn’t expect it to be scalding, even when it was housed in a closed container. But it wasn’t even warm. It was lukewarm at best and to have lukewarm, salty soup was a bit disgusting.

Hubby vowed never to come back and sadly I felt the same.

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