Shandong Mama

It’s been quite a few months since I last visited Shandong Mama. I used to go every 2nd week when it first opened but once the joint got a bit popular, their quality started to slide.

However my buddies from Brisvegas are visiting and they wanted somewhere with good dumplings.

With 4 kids in tow I didn’t want to chance the famous DTF at the Emporium so we decided to go for Shandong Mama.

We got there way before the lunch crowd and we got a pretty gruff welcome from the waitress. No smiles & it felt as if I have intrude their shop and inconvenienced them. Not a great way to greet their first customers of the day.

I went a bit cray cray and ordered a variety of boiled and fried dumplings including the Melbourne dumplings, DILL-licious pork, Mackeral dumplings, beef and chicken dumplings, as well as two noodle dishes for the kids. It all came to $95 bucks and it was certainly filling.

The quality of the dumplings has also gone back up quite a notch and perhaps it’s because of all these dumplings places opening up nearby. So yes, they don’t have the XLB like DTF but f you want your dumpling fix with a variety, Shandong Mama is still the place to go.

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