#Hash Specialty Coffee and Roasters
113 Hardware St, Melbourne
03 8529 0284

#Hash, the new kid on the block are neighbours of Hardware Societe and giving Hardware Societe a good run for their money.  Beautiful 2 level decor which cleverly uses a very small space, I was first attracted to this place because of the hugh hashtag signage.  Then it was the endless instagram posts of their huge and beautiful fairy floss hot chocolate.  So of course when I went there I had to order that!

IMG_1007 [800x600]Hash uses Mork chocolate, and I knew it won’t be too sweet, and I was hoping that the fairy floss won’t make it overly sweet, which, thankfully it didn’t!  I had a mega fail pouring the chocolate though, it slid all over the fairy floss onto the wooden board!  DOH!  Can’t take me out anywhere!   If anyone had a better way to pour this, please let me know!

IMG_1010 [800x600]

I love it when foodies decided to share food.  We spotted this chorizo scallop dish and instantly knew we wanted it.  It was amazingly good.  The scallops were so perfectly cooked and the chorizo really added a depth to the flavours.  Yum Yum!

IMG_1012 [800x600]


As you can see I am probably very excited about my food that my hand is shaking when taking this pic.  This gorgeous number is the poached eggs with croquettes and ham hock.  I don’t even like ham hock, but this baby is amazing.  It has just the right saltiness for the dish, absolutely melt in your mouth good.  The croquettes were creamy, the egg was perfectly poached, although the yellow sauce didn’t really have much flavour.  The only thing I didn’t really like were the cavolo nero which I found a bit too salty.


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