Mornington Peninsula Trip Day 2

We woke up early next morning from our airbnb place, a bit sore from our horseriding adventure the day before but ready for a bit of a walk on the beach in McCrae.  Perhaps we are a bit early, or maybe it’s a bit cold, but the beach is pretty much desserted other than a few people taking their gorgeous dogs out so we pretty much got it all to ourselves to ham around!

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After forcing Froggy to jog with me on the sand, she was thankful that it was time for some serious pampering at Peninsula Life Medispa.  I went there back in 2011, and was very impressed by their masseur.  Normally in those pampering places their massages pisses me off cos it’s light as feather and they have noooo idea what they are doing and I love fairly firm massages.  I love it how when I say I needed my ITB and my gluts done they know what I am talking about.  Anyway we got a Winter Special package, for $150 you get a 90 min foot soak, scrub, mud wrap, massage.  IT. WAS. AMAZING.  We had this blissful smile on our faces when we came up.  The birthday girl Froggy even got a special room with a Vichy shower in a capsule and she never felt this pampered in her life.  I don’t know why it took me so long to go back to Peninsula Life Medispa to be honest.  I love that place.

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Obviously with all these exercises and pampering our tummies are growling for attention.  At a random google search took us to The Winey Cow, which was a very VERY good choice for lunch.  Several things in the menu caught our eyes, so what do most intelligent foodies do?  The three of us ordered four dishes to share.  Oh yeah!

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Monky ordered The Early Bird ($19.5) which is a succulent crumbed chicken with potatoes, sauteed snowpeas and mushroom plus egg.  Very generous in size and very very moreish.  We all felt though the fried potato was unnecessary and some are cooked a bit harder than others.

IMG_1214 [800x600]Froggy ordered the Dukkah Eggs ($17.5) was sadly less impressive.  The lentil and carrot patty was flavourless although the grilled haloumi was quite nice.

IMG_1213 [800x600]I ordered the Brunch Stack $17 which was da bomb.  The potato rosti are more like fingers but they were extremely delish, eggs were perfectly poached, the bacon was sensational and the avocado puree with lemony hollaidaise sauce lifts the otherwise heavy dish.  Oh my!

IMG_1220 [800x600]I begged and begged for the two foodies to order the French Toast because it just looked so good on the menu and even prettier in real life!  Thick brioche fingers fried to golden perfection, Mork dark choc soil was the thing that caught my eye, saffron pear perfectly poached, very beautifully decorated with berries and this light and airy berry mascarpone.  It was so delicious… I felt like I had gone to heaven!

After lunch we walked around the shops on Main Street and came across this beautiful baby and childrens’ store called She and Little.  They stock a lot of brands that I love and I could buy the whole shop there.  The stuff are really really exxy though but I found a beautiful doggie pants for Hangry Piglet and a few little gifts for our friend’s baby’s one month celebration.

People may wonder how I am doing leaving Hangry Piglet behind and going on a girls’ trip.  I am doing quite well, surprisingly.  It’s great that my hubby & my in laws are there and they are so good with Hangry Piglet.  I also told myself pre-trip that I have to focus on the NOW and fully enjoy each moment because as much as I love Piglet I really really needed a break and since I have seized the chance, I might as well enjoy it.  We also have a nanny cam so from time to time I checked him out when he is sleeping 😉

Back to my awesome trip, after shopping we decided to chill out back in our airbnb apartment.  Monky brought her Cards Against Humanity to play.  Did you know I didn’t even know what they are?  I thought it’s called Cards For Humanity and it’s cards that raise funds for Humanity?  LOL  Well my dirty little mind enjoyed those games quite a bit!

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For dinner I organised for us to go to Port Phillip Estate.  This UFO like structure is probably best to visit during the day for photos but I was saving our last meal, Sunday lunch, for 10 min by Tractor, so Port Phillip Estate it is.  With a swosh of the automatic doors, we entered mothership, where we were whisked away into our cozy little table near the fireplace.

IMG_1230 [800x600]Port Phillip Estate offers 3 courses for $85 and 2 courses for $65.  We were still quite full from lunch at The Winey Cow so we decided to order two 3 courses and one 2 courses.  For entree I ordered the pan seared scallops with lentils while the girls ordered the risotto blanco, jamon, egg and truffle.

IMG_1227 [800x600]I couldn’t really taste truffles on their dish but their eggs are beautifully cooked.  Froggy and I prefered the risotto a bit softer though.  My pan seared scallops were just perfect, but yet again my lentils are quite hard for my liking.

IMG_1236 [800x600]For my mains I debated between the sea perch/clam/ mussels or the pheasant and chose the pheasant with pomme gaufrette.  Little did I know pomme gaufrette meant waffle fries LOL.  I can now be a food snob and say I love having pomme gaufrette.  Anyway, the flavours of the pheasant was delish, but I felt that some bits of it are a bit dry and tough.  It’s not that I don’t enjoy it, but I was wistfully thinking I would probably enjoy the sea perch more.

Froggy’s organic suckling pig was very good.  The crispy skin and tender meat made a really great combo.  Monky’s ox fillet was equally yummy and beautifully medium rare.

IMG_1243 [800x600]Last course, we decided to share a cheese platter which is extremely large for one person!  We chose a brie, roquefort and goat cheese.  They were all so yummy but soooooo filling!  Monky was sad that her dessert last night was crap, so she wanted a good dessert tonight.  Thankfully, Port Phillip Estate did not disappoint.  Mandarin icecream, lime crumble, curd and citrus sherbet gave multiple citrus bursts all over.  Yum Yum Yum!

IMG_1242 [800x600]We rolled out with very full bellies and happy hearts to play more of Cards Against Humanity back home.  Heehee.

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