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Red Spice Road

Red Spice Road 27 McKillop St, Melbourne VIC, Australia 03 9603 1601 For one of the best lunch deals in town, it’s hard to find anything better than Red Spice Road.  For $25… Continue reading

Dumpling Yuan

Dumpling Yuan 69 Wellington st, Central Hong Kong (852) 2525 9018 My visit to Hong Kong brings back a lot of fond memories.  Where I travel to might not be where everyone would… Continue reading

Kokoro Ramen

Kokoro Ramen 157 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne, Australia 03 9650 1215 When the much anticipated Kokoro ramen first opened in our neighborhood, we immediately went to try it.  Sadly, we were impressed by their… Continue reading


Cookie 252 Swanston St, Melbourne, VIC, 3000, Australia 03 9663 7660 I love Cookie!  Well, to be more specific, I love having lunch at Cookie.  If you go at dinnertime, it’s usually super… Continue reading

Quickie with Piggy: Patterns Cafe Egg Waffles

Patterns Cafe 254 Swanston Street, Melbourne, Australia 03 9650 8868 One night after work I was walking past Patterns Cafe when I spotted MY LOVE.  MY LOVE- I dreamt about it for the… Continue reading

Kairikiya Ramen

Kairikiya Ramen ラーメン魁力屋 京都市中京区河原町通三条上ル恵比須町435番地2 ヒジカタビル1F Cnr of Ebisucho and Kawaramachi Dori, Downtown Kyoto 075-251-0303 We stumbled across Kairikiya Ramen on our last trip in Kyoto- they are like a ramen chainstore, there are at… Continue reading

Chin Chin

Chin Chin 125 Flinders Lane, Melbourne, Australia 03 8663 2000 “Right guys double chin is filling up everyone start running now”  “2 tables of 3 left HURRY”  “Comeon boys still tables left hurry… Continue reading

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