Menya San Daime

Menya San Daime 225 Russell St, Melbourne About 2 years ago, finding a good ramen joint in the Melbourne CBD is like finding hen’s teeth. Nowadays, it seemed as if they are everywhere,… Continue reading

Phoenix Soars

Phoenix Soars 80 Jackson Court, Doncaster East (03) 85283269 One day, P.Daddy came home from Doncaster raving about this Chinese BBQ place in Doncaster East and insisting that we should go try it.… Continue reading

Old Town White Coffee

My lovely friend Monkylicious mentioned that there is this new Malaysian cafe opened in the CBD the other day so we decided to check it out. We agreed to meet outside the cafe… Continue reading


My monthly pilgrimage to Kensington has always ended with visits to The Premises, but today, I wanted to try something a little bit different to shake things up. Enter Luncheonette, apparently this tiny… Continue reading

Mörk Chocolate Brewhouse

Mörk Chocolate Brewhouse 150 Errol St, North Melbourne (03) 9328 1386 After seeing all these awesome Instagram videos of Mork chocolate brew house I am dying to go and try it for myself.… Continue reading

Hammer and Tong

I have heard about their soft shell crab burger for a long long long long time and have been dying to try it. I didn’t realise Hammer and Tong is actually not too… Continue reading


Bibelot 287 Coventry St South Melbourne 03 9690 2688 Bibelot was opened 4 days ago at the time of my visit so please bear this in mind when you read my review.  … Continue reading

Hakata Gensuke Ramen

It’s 2:30pm and there was a queue out the door.  WTF?  Well, this IS currently Melbourne’s favourite ramen place, would I expect any less?  But sadly I had to rush home so I… Continue reading

The Premises

I have not been to The Premises for yonks since last time I went with Lil and her bubs.  Now that I have Hangry Piglet I often come to Kensington to borrow toys… Continue reading


Beatrix 866 Queensbury Road Notth Melbourne 03 9090 7301  These days I have been having loads if sandwiches and burgers because you can eat it quickly and effectively with one hand most of… Continue reading

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