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Flipboard Cafe

Flipboard Cafe 141 La Trobe Street, Melbourne 03 9639 7259 La Trobe street is slowly evolving into this cool hipster place to be. Walking to work one day, I somehow took a detour… Continue reading


Krimper 20-24 Guildford Lane, Melbourne 03 9043 8844 “You always have to take me to food places where I have go into a small lane lined with rubbish bins!” P.Mummy jokingly said.   “Is… Continue reading

Manchester Press

Manchester Press 8 Rankins Lane, Melbourne 03 9600 4054 Monkylicious and co came to visit Melbourne for PAX (Penny Arcade Expo) and I was hoping to bring them to Hardware Societe.  Sadly, even… Continue reading

Clement Coffee Roasters

Clement Coffee Roasters 116-136 Cecil St, South Melbourne 03 9209 6295 Living in the South side meant that I started to shop at the South Melbourne market.  I can’t believe the treasures I… Continue reading

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