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Epilogue: Still dreaming about Hong Kong

Being away from Hong Kong for almost 4 years made me homesick. Even though I had to go back with extended family, which meant less partying this time, I still had so much… Continue reading

Epilogue: Still dreaming about Japan

I can’t help it. Every day I dream about Japan and the wonderful time I had eating and shopping there.  From expensive kaiseiki cuisine to ryokan dinners to market stalls selling awesome snacks,… Continue reading


Miyako 都そば 京都 Japan, Kyoto Prefecture, Kyoto, Ukyo Ward, Saiinkozanjicho, 38−1 阪急電鉄西院駅 1F +81 75-323-0629 Back in January when I was with Froggy and Monkylicious we walked past this place so many times… Continue reading


Uwosue 京都 うをすえ 京都市下京区綾小路東洞院東入神明町724 Ayakōji-dōri Shimogyō-ku Higashinotōin Higashi iru, Shinmei-chō 724 075 351 1437 Kaseiki is like a degustation, multicourse dinner Japanese style.  What’s different between kaiseki and the Westernised degustation is that… Continue reading

Osaka Ramen- Shi-Ten-Noh

Shi-ten-noh  四天王 Ōsaka-fu, Ōsaka-shi, Naniwa-ku, Nanbanaka, 1丁目18−8 大阪市浪速区難波中1-18-8 大阪開発難波ビル 06-6633-8808 I love ramen, so when I saw that the ramen shop we went on our previous visit to Osaka has another shop near… Continue reading

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