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Battle of the HK Egg Waffles!!

There’s one thing in HK that gets me ultra excited- HK Egg Waffles!!!  I asked a number of Twitter Peeps and FB friends where I should go for HK Egg Waffles and e_ting… Continue reading

Sheung Kee Delicacy

Sheung Kee Delicacy 嫦記 Shop 2, 2/F, Cooked Food Stall, Yuk Sau Street, Happy Valley, Hong Kong 跑馬地毓秀街熟食中心2樓2號舖 852 2882 2994 We landed in Hong Kong on a Friday night and promptly got… Continue reading

Dumpling Yuan

Dumpling Yuan 69 Wellington st, Central Hong Kong (852) 2525 9018 My visit to Hong Kong brings back a lot of fond memories.  Where I travel to might not be where everyone would… Continue reading

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