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Koji Osakaya

Koji Osakaya 1737 Post St, San Francisco (415) 922-2728 For our last night in San Francisco, we thought we’d try Kappa, one of the Japanese restaurants that Terina and Tim raved about. When… Continue reading

Piggy heads to Prison and had some incredible pork buns

On one of our last days, in an incredibly early morning, we got tickets to go to Alcatraz. I thought I could just arrive at San Francisco, grab some discount vouchers and book… Continue reading


Coi 373 Broadway, San Francisco (415) 393-9000 There were a number of restaurants I wanted to try in San Francisco and Coi was definitely one of them.  It was one of the more… Continue reading

Swan Oyster Depot

“Wake up! WAKE UP! Omg it’s past 11 already!” I yelled at my poor hubby, “there’s gonna be a line at Swan Oyster Depot!!!!” We rushed to Swan Oyster Depot and alas, there… Continue reading

Piggy on a Segway and eating at Scomas

After the food truck debacle, we went to Ferry Plaza to look at the markets.  There, we found a heap load of other food stalls which looked wayyyy better than the food truck… Continue reading

Piggy in San Francisco!

After a very long 14.5 hr flight, a two hour delay and another hour flight, we finally arrived in San Francisco. When I did my research, I realized the hotels in San Francisco… Continue reading

PIGGY goes to US of A!

I have been so lucky to be traveling so much this year.  First it was Japan, then Canada, then Japan again, Hong Kong and our last overseas trip for the year to cap… Continue reading

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